What are Cluster Pays Slots?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 18, 2019
What are Cluster Pays Slots? September 18, 2019" September 18, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Cluster Pays SlotsYou may be a very experienced slot machine player, or conversely you may be someone that has never played slot machines before or who has just started to do so, however no matter what level of slot player you are you are always going to come across new slot machines that you have never seen or played before.

What does tend to appeal to online and mobile slot players however is that they are always going to be guaranteed of finding an excellent mix of old and new slot machines when they play online or via a mobile casino or slot game app.

Some of the much more recently launched slot machines however will come with unique and never seen before playing structures and formats and that is why I have compiled plenty of different slot playing guides throughout this website, to enlighten you on how every type of slot machine has been designed and what all of them are going to be offering you.

This guide is going to be looking at a  recently launched and brand new type of slot machine playing structure, then being a type of slot game that doesn’t offer standard pay-lines to players, instead players have to form a winning cluster of matching reel symbols when they have sent then reels on those slot games offering a cluster pays playing structure spinning so do read on and then give some of our demo mode free play versions of those slots a try.

How Cluster Pays Slots Pay and Play

As somebody that may be about to switch over to playing online slot machines you do have a lot to learn about not only where to play slots, but how to play them too, for there are literally thousands of very unique slot machines for you to get stuck into playing online and they will all come with their own unique playing structures and playing features too.

Some slot machines can award progressive jackpots to lucky winning players and there are no shortages of fun and very exiting to play slot machines with free spins bonus games and all manner of slots that offer plenty of additional bonus games too including picking bonus games and wheel spinning bonus games of course.

However, it can be and often is the way that the base game of any slot machine has been designed that could make a slot game appealing to you as a player, and with that in mind what I have chosen to do in this slot playing guide is to take a look into a type of slot machine that offers a very unique type of playing structure.

That playing structure is known as a cluster pays one, and unlike when playing most other types and categories of slot machines you are not going to discover any pay-lines attached to a cluster pays slot, for those new types of slots have had their pay-lines done away with by the slot game designers.

You may therefore be sat there right now wondering how on earth are you going to form winning combinations when playing a cluster pays types of slot machine if there are no pay lines attached and on offer on them.

Well the way that they have been designed is quite ingenuous, for all that you are tasked with having to do when playing  cluster pays slot machine is to spin in a matching set of reel symbols anywhere on he slot game screen in such a way that a group of at the very least one set of matching reel symbols are all located in a cluster.

The more reel symbols that do form a winning cluster of matching reel symbols the more you then stand to win. I should point out though that unlike most five reel video slots you often find that cluster pays slots could have more than five video reels and there will often be more in view reel symbols on the screen too, to allow you to form any number of winning cluster pays winning combinations of course.

The staking options on offer and attached to a clusters pays slot machine wills e you being required to have to play for a set minimum increment of course at least, however you will have full control over the coin values and will also be able to increase the increment of coins you wager per spin when playing such slots allowing you to play them for stake levels that you can afford to play for.

Other Very Unique Slot Playing Structures

It can of course be any slot machine that could pay out but at any moment however you will find some slots are much more preferable to your own playing style, and below are just some of the many different playing structures you will find attached to the slot machines in any environments.

  1. Both Ways Pays
  2. Fixed Lines
  3. All Pays
  4. Optional Lines
  5. Single Line Slots

As you are more than welcome to get stuck into playing any of our featured free play slots, so make sure you do indeed set aside some slots to play at no risk as you will soon discover lots of them you will fancy playing for real money later.


Do keep in mind that many land based gambling companies offer apps and online gambling platforms and as such you can play at sites and on casino and betting apps that are run by gambling companies that you may already know and trust.


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