What is an Angry Gambler?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 9, 2019
What is an Angry Gambler? November 9, 2019" November 9, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Angry Slot PlayerThere are many different types of gamblers that you will come across when playing slot machines in a land-based casino, but you will never want to come across an angry gambler, or even turn into one yourself.

You can always spot such a player, and it will be those that are losing that will run the risk of turning into an angry gambler of course, and when playing a slot nearby them you will see them ranting and raving about the slots they are playing, and they can often take out their frustrations on the slot machines too, by hitting, kicking or even punching them.

To make matters worse they can put you off playing too, for if they make eye contact with you, they will rant and rave about their bad luck and can often try and convince you the slot machines are all fixed or rigged. If someone nearby you is showing the symptoms of being an angry gambler then my advice to is move away from them or they will soon get on your nerves.

What you should try and do is to educate yourself on slot machines and how they are designed, and to make that as easy as is possible I have compiled lots of different slot playing guess guides and articles for this website.

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Most Annoying Types of Slot Machine Players

Let me now take a look at some of the other types of very annoying slot players that you may come across when playing in a land based casino, and I do think its very fair and true to say that when you do come cross such players you are much more likely to be attracted to playing online or at a mobile casino, form the comfort of your own home and without those players distracting you.

Overly talkative slot players can really annoy the hell out of some slot players, for if you are constantly being distracted by the mad ramblings of your fellow slot players then you are likely to want to want off and play a slot machine no where near the one they are playing.

Some slot players simply stand behind other slot players and watch them play, I for one really cannot stand it when other people watch me play slot machine, and when I do spot someone watching me I will make a point of stopping playing and stare at them, until they take the hint and then go away.

You will not want to have a running commentary when you are playing slot machines, however you will often find some slot players you may be sat nearby will tell you everything that is happening on the slot they are playing or even more annoying them will give you a running  commentary on the slot you are playing instead.

I have often come across some slot players who will hog several slot machines all at the same time, usually at smaller local casinos than the larger land-based casinos in places such as Las Vegas.

You can easily spot such players for they will load up a row of slot machines and then simply play them for very low stake levels, and will not move off them for a very long time, meaning of course that you are not going to be able to play those slots until they finally move on.

One final type of slot player that annoys me and will probably annoy you too, are those that will not only play a slot machine with it set to the loudest possible volume settings, but each time they win they sit back and watch the coin meter counting up their winnings.

I am not sure why someone would want to watch their winnings being counted up with the volume set so loud on a slot machine, but often when I come across such a player I will ask them to turn the slot down, to annoy them as much as they have annoyed me.


If you do turn into an angry gambler then there is also often the chance that you will attempt to punch, hit or smack the slot machine you are playing, but some players have also resorted to smashing open slot machines and trying to grab back the money that they have lost when playing.

In fact, one woman drove her motorhome through the front doors of on Nevada based casino recently, as she was angry that she had been asked to leave the casino.

As such rather than you cause a huge scene and make a complete fool of yourself when gambling, if you do feel that you are not winning nor are you going to do so if you continue to gamble you would be best advised to stop playing.

One of the very best sayings that you should always remember when playing slot machines is that when the fun stops, stop. Whilst it can be very difficult to walk away from playing slot machines or when you are going in general, that really is what you should be prepared to do when things are not going your way.


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