Top 5 Fruit Machine Playing Tips

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 30, 2019
Top 5 Fruit Machine Playing Tips October 30, 2019" October 30, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Top 5 Fruit Machine TipsI am often asked if there are any ways of playing slot machines and fruit machines in such a way that a player can increase their chances of winning, and in this guide,  I am going to be looking at the top five tips for playing fruit machines.

As such if you do enjoy playing those types of bonus game packed slot machines then you really should read through this guide, as by doing so you are going to be in the best position possible to increase your winning chances, and with some luck in playing could win big when playing real money fruit machines.

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If you do fancy putting into play any of the top five fruit machine playing tips then make sure you sign up to any of our approved and highly rated online or mobile casino sites for you really are going to find they offer all fruit machine players a fully rounded and enjoyable playing experience.

1. High RTP Fruit Machines

As the online and mobile gaming environments are so very highly regulated these days, what you are often going to find is that casino sites and casino app operators are legally obliged to inform their customers just what the pay-out percentages are on every single casino game they offer.

Therefore when you are looking to have the best chance of winning playing fruit machines what you will be very best advised to do sis to look up the long term expected pay-out percentages that each fruit machine on offer to you at any online or mobile casino site has been set to payout.

By looking up that information you will discover which fruit machines have low pay-out percentages, which ones have average pay-out percentages but you will of issue also easily discover just which fruit machines available are going to have been designed with above average long term expected pay-out percentages too.

It is of course only those fruit machines that do come with the very highest pay-out percentages that you should be looking to play.

2. Fruities About to Pay Out

Due to fruit machines always being legally obliged to have to pay-out their pre-set long term expected pay-out percentages at the end of each cycle of spins, then one way that some players have adopted to increase their winning chances is by watching other players play fruit machines.

By watching other players they can see if they have won or lost and how much they have gambled away playing any fruit machine, and then make a good judgement call of those players losses will have resulted in a fruit machine currently paying out to a low pay-out percentage.

If that is the case then those players will simply jump onto that fruit machine hen the other players wanders off and have a much increased can ace of winning, as that fruit machine will have to bring its pay-out percentage back up by paying out a large series of high valued winning pay-outs.

3. Use Casino Bonuses

If you choose to play fruit machines online then it does of course go without saying you will want to have the maximum chances of winning when playing in that type of fruit machine playing environment.

One way you can get more spins out of your bankroll and may get into a position whereby you do end up winning is by claiming and then making use of the best designed and most generous of online  casino bonuses, so make sure that is something you actively make a point of always tracking down and utilizing.

4. Master Playing True Skill Bonus Games

There are going to be some fruit machines and possibly a very large number of them too dependent on where you chose to play, that are going to have some form of true skill bonus game or bonus feature attached to them.

Therefore if you do come across such fruit machines and such bonus games or bonus features then make a point of playing those fruit machines initially for free and at no risk as that way you can play them long enough that you trigger the true skill bonus games many, many times and will eventually master the very fine art of playing them off, thereby giving yourself the best chances of winning big when they trigger when you are playing for real money of course.

5. Discover the Reel Strip Layouts

One other top tip for playing fruit machines is regarding the nudge feature that many such fruit machines tend to offer players and do tend to award those budge features extremely frequently too.

What you should do is to look around the web for the reel symbol layout on each reel of each slot you enjoy playing, as that way you will always know just what symbols are out of view and could be nudges in when you do trigger a fruit machines budget feature, and therefore will always know if you can form a winning combination for certain rather than just guessing a hope you do when using your nudges.


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