Which Slots Offer the Most Ways to Win?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 19, 2019
Which Slots Offer the Most Ways to Win? September 19, 2019" September 19, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Win Now Slot MachinesThere is no doubt in my mind that savvy slot players are going to be looking for the very best slot machines to play and the ones that are going to be offering them the most  and with there now being hundreds of different slot game providers, you really are going to find a huge number of different slot machines available to you.

Therefore with that simple fact in mind, I have put together the following guide, which is going to reveal to you a range of different playing structures that are going to appeal to slot players that are indeed looking for the maximum number of ways to win when playing slots.

One thing you should however always be aiming to do when playing slot machines, is to play every single pay-line they have on offer, as that way you will never experience a high valued winning combinations being spun in, but on a pay-line that you haven’t chosen to put into play.

However, playing all pay-lines can be expensive on some slot machines, due in no small part to the large number of pay-lines many slot machines these days have on offer, but there are some slot games as you are about to discover that can and will offer hundreds or even thousands of ways to win but are slots that only require you to play a small and modest number of coins per spin to have all of those many ways to win in live play on each spin you play off.

Best Slots to Play with Lots of Ways to Win

If you do want to have the absolute maximum number of ways to win in live play when playing slot machines then avoid playing one line slots and three reel slot games and make a beeline to play any of the many video slot machines on which you will find what is known as an All Ways or an All Pays type of playing structure and format.

Whilst you are going to find plenty of slots as you will discover that do offer lots of different ways to win you should also try and discover what you stand to win when you so start spinning in matching sets of reel symbols on a slot games screen.

Some of the pay-outs you could be awarded with when playing slots offering loads of ways to win and plenty of pay-lines too could be quite modest in their sites, but some of the reel symbols found on such slots could award mega styled winning pay-outs to you too, and by far and away the easiest way to find out what you stand to win when playing any type of slot machine is simply be taking a quick look at a slot games pay table.

When playing for example a slot machine that offers let’s say 243 ways to win you are never going to be forced or required to have to wager 243 coins per spin on such slots, instead a much smaller number of coins will be needed to be wagered before you can send the reels spinning.

As such slots could cost you as little as just 25 or even 30 coins to have all of those ways to win in live play they are low stake slots machines but ones that will always give you the absolute maximum chance of winning when you are playing them.

Types of Slots Offering Lots of Way to Win

Below is a listing of the most popular slot machine playing structures that do tend to offer players the maximum ways of winning, and when you play any real money slot games remember to hunt and track down the ones offering the very highest pay-out percentages too.

  1. 243 All Pays Slots
  2. Mega-Ways Slot
  3. 1024 All Ways Slots
  4. 3125 Ways to Win Slots
  5. Both Ways Pays Slots

At the end of the day it is going to be up to you just which slots you end up playing, and do remember this website has loads of free play no risk slots on offer and plenty of casino bonuses listed all of which offer players plenty of playing value too.


To eradicate the possibility of money launders using slot machines online all real money online slot players will have to get their account verified at the sites they are playing at, just make sure the casinos you play at are fully licensed and regulated casinos as that way you will never have any doubts over the fairness of the slot machines that you set about playing at those sites.


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