Are Online Fruit Machines Better Than Land Based Ones?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 27, 2019
Are Online Fruit Machines Better Than Land Based Ones? October 27, 2019" October 27, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Slots: Online vs Land Based MachinesYou may be a fan of playing slot machines and fruit machines online however if you would much prefer playing them on a mobile device then make sure you have a good read through of my guide to the top 5 android slot game apps on google play store as it will reveal to you the very best mobile slots you can play.

One aspect regarding the evolution of slot machines is that there have been lots of different categories and types of slot machines launched over the years and one type of slot game that is very popular in many European countries of the world are what are classed and known as fruit machines.

They are basically a type of slot game that have been designed to give players more entertainment value when they are being played and as such, they come packed with lots of different bonus games and bonus features that tend to trigger very frequently.

This guide will be comparing online fruit machines with land based fruit machines and letting you know just which ones are the best ones to play and why, but do keep in mind that I have also compiled many other guides that you will find of great interest including my what happens to old slot machines guides.

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Benefits of Playing Online Fruities

When it does come to trying to work out just which playing environment is going to be the very best one to play fruit machines in, well I just know you are going to find the benefits attached to playing fruit machines online much more appealing than playing them in a land based venue.

The reason I say that is that fruit machines found in pubs, clubs, amusement arcades and wherever else they are located is that they do tend to be set to return to players some very low pay-out percentages over the long term.

Those RTP’s could be in the low 70% range and therefore you really should avoid playing them in such venues or you could very easily end up playing ones that have very low pay-out percentages, for reference when you set about playing fruit machines online you will find the pay-out percentages are going to be in the mid to high 90% range.

Another aspect of playing fruit machines at an online casino site of course is that you are always going to be showered with all manner of bonus offers and promotional deals and the such like, and that does of course mean that you are very easily going to be able to boost the value of your bankroll when you claim and make use of those bonuses.

One final reason why playing online fruit machines is going to be much better than playing them in a  land based venue of any type is that you are going to find many more brand new and never seen before fruit machines when you do play online, so will never get bored and will never have to play the same old fruit machines over and over again.

Why Land Based Fruit Machines are in Decline

Sadly, the land-based fruit machine playing environment and marketplace has been in decline for many years now, and the main reason as to why players are tending to not play fruit machines in such venues is that they are simply playing them online or on their mobile devices.

As mentioned above the long term payout percentages on offer on land based fruit machines can be so very low and as there are many bonuses available to online fruit machine players the savviest players are always going to be on the hunt for the best playing value and as such will never be tempted to play land based fruit machines.

The cost of playing land-based fruit machines can also be quite restrictive for some players, for over the years the stakes have been legally increase on those machines and unlike online fruit machines they do not usually tend to offer players different staking options.

When playing online fruities you can set the coin value settings yourself and therefore the stake levels you play them for could be as low as one penny or one cent per spin or can increase the stakes up to some very high rolling stake amounts, so players can always configure online fruit machines to play for a stake level they can comfortably afford to play them for.


You have to be legally old enough to play fruit machines online, and there are some very strict rules in place to stop underage players from being able to access casino and slot sites online, so if you are not old enough to play them please do not try to do so as you will be found out and have your accounts immediately closed.

If you are old enough to play fruit machines online then make sure that you first consider playing them via the demo mode versions of the ones available as that way you can get to grips with all to their very unique bonus games and bonus features.

There will be all manner of promotional offers and deals that you can then go on to make use of when you switch over to playing fruit machines online for real money, but first do play them for free to see if you do actually enjoy the way that they work and operate.


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