Are Multi Spin Slots Set to Pay a Higher RTP?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 22, 2019
Are Multi Spin Slots Set to Pay a Higher RTP? October 22, 2019" October 22, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

multi spin slotsTake it from me, when you do make the decision to switch some or all of your one time land based casino slot machine playing action online, you are going to find a massive array of different slot machines to play, and will come across plenty of slot machine designed in a very unique type of way too.

One category of slot machine that you may come across are known as Multi Spin slots, and the way they have been designed is that you are going to be able to play several of the same slot machines all at the same time on one slot game screen.

There are plenty of slot game designed that have designed such slots, and one as such you are bound to come across those slot games when you do start playing at an online casino site, and there are bound to be lots of questions that you may have about doing so.

One question that you may have is whether when you play Multi Spin slots, which could allow you to play two, four or even more of the exact same types of slot machines all on one scree is whether they have been designed to return a much higher winning pay-out percentage than the single slot version of those games.

The answer is most cases is no, and the only real benefit of playing them is that you are going to either win four times as quickly when for example you play a four slot game version of a Multi Spin slot than you would when playing the single slot version of those slots or could end up losing four times as quickly as you would instead.

Every Type of Slot Game Available Online

As you are always going to be just a click or two of your computer mouse or a tap to two of your mobile devices screen away from playing slot machines online or on your mobile device, then you can of course choose to play whenever you like.

One thing worth knowing however when you do choose to play in either of those two different playing environments is that you are always going to have access to a very wide and very diverse range of different slot machines.

So, if you do fancy giving Multi Spin slot games any amount of play time, then you will have the ability of doing so via a demo mode version of each slot or if you do fancy playing for real money then you are always going to be able to do just that.

I should also point out, and this is important to know, that generally the long term expected pay-out percentage of both online and mobile slot games usually are much higher than the ones that you will find attached to land based slot machines, and as such you should experience many more winning spins when playing online or mobile slots when compared to land based slot machines.

But do always play responsibly, as due to their very nature and design you will experience both losing sessions and winnings session when playing slot machines and will always want to stay in control when you do set about playing real money slot machines and slot games.

Learn More About Playing Slot Machines

It will be up to you where you end up playing slot games of course, but the savviest of slot players are always going to be making a point of looking for which slot machines give the best playing value to players and there are lots of slots offering huge pay-out percentages by the way.

One type of slot game you will come across are medium variance slots, and to learn more about just how exciting to play are medium variance slot games do feel free to check out my guide on that very topic as you are bound to find it highly informative and very interesting too.

If you are asking yourself do fixed pay-line slots trigger their bonus games more well they can most certainly do just that, much more so when you compare them to the high risk high variance slots, so they could be the best slots to play if you do enjoy playing off lots of bonus games and bonus game feature rounds.

When it comes to you playing the top paying optional pay-line slots you need to make sure that you are playing them optimally of course, and that will see you having to put into play every single pay-line on offer on such slots, as that way you will never miss out on any winning combinations spinning in, which you could do if you only activate a small number of pay-lines.

I know you may be wondering do all progressive slots have fixed pay-lines and if you are be aware that some such slots offering ever rising progressive jackpots may offer optional pay-lines and some progressive slot machines can also award their respective progressive jackpots completely at random too no matter what stake levels you chose to play them for.


It is very true to say that no matter where you live in the world you are always going to find some types of slot machines on offer to you, but certain slot machines are popular with players in different parts of the world.

It may be fully themed slot machines that form part of a series of slot machines that you are actively on the hunt for, and if you are them try and make a point of getting stuck into playing the slots that are part of a series of slot machines that have been set to return to very highest of pay-out percentages.

Some slot games do have rather low and very unappealing pay-out percentages, and as such those are the types of slot machines you should always avoid playing as your bankroll won’t last very long when playing any of them unless you are very lucky of course.


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