Will Playing Max Bet Spins Increase a Slot Games RTP?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 24, 2019
Will Playing Max Bet Spins Increase a Slot Games RTP? October 24, 2019" October 24, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Maximum Bets on slot machineYou will often find a button on most slot machines that has the words Max Bet written across it, and whenever you press that button you will then put into live play a maximum bet spin, based on the coin values and number of pay-lines or ways to win that you have chosen to have in play on that slot machine.

One thing you must do however if you are playing for much lower stake levels is to avoid accidentally pressing that button, for often it is located next to the spin button, and if you are playing or low stake and press the Mx Bet button then that spin will be an expensive one to make.

You may be wondering whether when you do play maximum bet spins whether you are then going to benefit from a much higher pay-out percentage than you ever would when playing for a much lower stake amount.

Well, the simple answer to that question is that you are to going to find the pay-out percentage on the slot machine you are playing if you do decide to play for maximum bet spins, but you will of course have the chance of winning more than you ever would when playing for a low stake when you do play maximum bet spins.

Be aware though that if you choose to play in a land based casino, you will often find that if you increase the coin value settings then the long term expected pay-out percentage of a slot machine will be much higher than the one that will be in play when you play for a much lower stake amount, but online and mobile slots tend to have the same RTP no matter what coin denominations you choose to have in play.

I would like you to take a good look around this website for as soon as you do so you are going to come across plenty of articles and guides that are going to be of great interest to you, and one of them will be the 6 slot machine cheats that changed the casino industry article that will be a real eye opener for sure.

However, you may simply want to lean and discover all you need to know about slots betting and if so then you will soon discover the very best ways to improve you winning chances and will also find out just  which slot games are the best games to play in any casino, which is something that all slot players should be looking to play.

One questions that I just know that many of you out there are going to be looking for the answer too is are slot machines rigged or fixed and I am happy to let you know that the slot machines that you will find available at our featured casino sites and casino apps are guaranteed to be fair and random.

All those sites have had their games independently verified and certified and as such you can play those games with the complete peace of mind in knowing that you will always have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning and possibly winning big too.

One other guide that you should be making a beeline to read through is my guide on how to maximize your winning potential playing slots as by doing so you will learn of plenty of ways that you can ensure that you are always going to have the very best chance of winning when you do set about playing real money slot machines.

Slot Game Stakes Compared to Bankroll

The one thing I would advise you to always ensure you do whenever you want to play real money slot machines and slot games anywhere, is always initially work out just how much you can afford to gamble with, for there is always the risk you may just end up spending all of your gambling bankroll is things do not go your way when playing slots.

Once you know what you have available in your gambling budget to gamble with then work out just which slot machines that you fancy playing, and then work out what stake level you should be playing off each spin for.

Try and at the very least to get around 150 spins out of your available slot playing budget if you are playing video slot machines that offer any type of video slot machine that offers a bonus game that can be triggered when you are playing them.

The reason I say and advise you do just that is that you are going to have a much greater chance of triggering what may just and could end up being a high paying bonus game feature round when you play off 150 spins per session rather than playing off a much smaller number of spins per session.


There will always be new casino and slot game innovations and it will be worth keeping your eyes peeled for any brand new slot machines that do get launched at any of our featured and top rated casinos site and apps as many of those games will come jam packed full of new bonus games and bonus features.

If you are however very eager to get stuck into playing some of the very latest slot game releases, then please do keep your eyes for the skill based slot machines that many casino sites and apps have been launching recently as they are some of the most fun to play games you can play, and being skill based then you own level of skill when playing them will ultimately determine whether you win or lose.


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