Why Slot Machines Can You Give Lots of Near Misses

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 22, 2019
Why Slot Machines Can You Give Lots of Near Misses October 22, 2019" October 22, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

near miss on a slot machineWhen you do set about playing slot machines you are going to have to get used to near misses, and by that I mean you will often notice you are going to see yourself spinning in a set of high paying or jackpot paying reel symbols but will often be just one symbol off forming a winning combination of those matching reel symbols.

Many Gaming Commissions have rules regarding the design of slot machines which stipulate a slot machine should not be designed or programmed in such a way that players will get lots of near misses, as that can often give them the impression they are about to win a huge winning pay-out when the opposite is more than likely the case.

When playing for example any slot machines on which a bonus game can be triggered, and you are required to spin in three or more scatter or bonus symbols, you are bound to have plenty of base game spins that will see you spinning in just two of those symbols too.

That is sadly all part and parcel of being a slot player, however, never be under the impression a slot machine is about to trigger its bonus game feature round if you do experience lots of base game spins on which just two bonus or scatter symbols spin in.

At the end of the day all slot machines will have been designed in such a way that they are completely random and therefore fair, so you will never know in advance whether you are going to win or lose, and that is the main reason slot machines are as exciting and as popular to play as they are.

Become a Savvier Slot Player

There are plenty of slot machine articles and guides that I have compiled for you throughout this website, and as such if you do want to try and increase your chances of winning or trying out for example a new playing strategy that you haven’t tried before then please do make use of them.

One that you should make use of and read through is my guide on which casinos give out the best slot comps as by learning about the many additional extras casinos give away to their players via comps and the such like you will get plenty of additional rewards for your real money slot playing action.

Also make sure you get to know all there is to know about the pros and cons of playing instant play slot machines as you are always going to find plenty of casinos online that do use a no download gaming platform.

When it comes to finding out just which slot provider have the best classic slots well, I do think its fair to say that if those are the types of slot machines that you enjoy playing the most you will find more than enough of them on offer to you at most casino sites.

Regarding the question of can I claim high valued slot game bonuses online you really are going to be amazed at just how high in value some casino bonuses are going to be, but remember that you can play slot games and slot machines online for free and by reading my how do free spins bonuses work article you will discover how those types of no risk slot machines play and pay too.

Pay Attention to the Pay Tables

You should always make sure that you fully familiarize yourself with the way that any slot machine has been designed, for you will never want to play a high risk slot game for example if you are looking for a low risk slot to play.

The pay table is going to reveal to you whether a slot game has been designed as a high, medium or even a low variance slot and will also give you some idea of just what you stand to win when playing too.

Other information that can also be found on a slot machines pay table will include things such as the bonus games and bonus features than can be triggered and awarded to you when playing, and how they are triggered and how they will play off too.

As for whether any slot machine has any unusual or special reel symbols, well once again the pay table will be where an overview of any such reel symbols will be found, so make a point of discovering for example whether there are any special wild, scatter or bonus symbols attached to any slot machines that you like the look of and may just be about to play.

The pay table is also where you may discover the long term expected RTP of any slot game too, and it is always important that you only ever stick to playing the slot games and slot machines that have been set with the very highest possible pay-out percentages.


Modern technology is always going to ensure slot machines are state of the art and you will find that in some casinos in Las Vegas facial recognition is becoming part of the design of slot machines, so it does look like big brother is coming to some casinos much sooner than you may have thought.

Just keep in mind that ever single slot machine is going to come with different slot game features, and if you are looking to have a very enjoyable online slot playing experience then always be prepared to play a wide and very varied range of different slot machines.

With you having the ability of playing slot machines online for free then that is how you should initially start to play them as it wont take you very long once you do set about playing for no risk to determine just which slot games you enjoy playing and can then play them for real money whenever you fancy doing just that.


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