Which are the Best Fruit Machines to Play Online?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 28, 2019
Which are the Best Fruit Machines to Play Online? October 28, 2019" October 28, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

online fruit slotYou will find fruit machines are free slot games with bonus rounds no download casinos are going to have available in very high numbers, and as such if you do fancy playing slots that boast a huge number of different bonus games then those types of games are certainly going to be worth tracking down and playing.

I am sure that you may have read my guide on how to win on slot machines every time but if not please do read it through for you need to ensure that you know the very best way to play any slot games including fruit machines to give you the very best chance of winning.

Over the years fruit machines have proven to be very popular with players and much like all other slots there have been plenty of people trying to rip them off and many players these days are always intrigued about for example how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet which was one way people could defraud fruit machines.

What I am going to be doing in this particular guide however is looking at just which are the very best fruit machines to play online, and I would also advise you to have a good read through of my guide on how do you know when a slot machine will pay-out.

It is going to be your decision as to whether you do play fruit machines or would much more prefer playing casino styled slots instead but do also keep in mind that you are also best advised to lean about keno slot machines and how to play  them as you could instantly take a shine to those types of gaming machines too.

Pick a Fruit Machine with Lots of Bonus Games

Make no mistake about it, if you haven’t yet played fruit machines in any playing environment and have only played casino styled slot games, then you are going to find the frequency at which you will trigger bonus games and bonus features on any fruit machines will be very regularly.

However, it is very true and fair to say that some fruit machines will tend to have more bonus games and bonus features than some other ones, and therefor look out for those that have bonus boards attached to them.

I say that for as soon as you do trigger the bonus game and make your way onto the bonus board you are then going to be working your way around that bonus board feature and by doing so you are going to have the chance of triggering lots of different bonus games and bonus features.

I would however also advise you to read through the pay tables and the attached game play rules of any fruit machines, as by doing so you will then get a good insight into just how ever single bonus game and bonus feature will be triggered and then how they will all play off too.

One way that you can get a good feel for whether you are going to enjoy playing any fruit machines that you haven’t yet played for real money is to first play them for free and at no risk by making use of the demo mode version of those fruities.

By doing so you can continue to play them for free and at no risk until you have triggered all of their bonus games and bonus features and can then secede if those slots are going to be just as fun ones to play for real money at a later date.

Increase Your Fruit Machine Playing Bankroll

With online fruit machines now being available at loads of casino sites, that does of course mean that you could find lot of those casinos are going to be making available to you at all manner of bonuses and promotional offers and deals.

Therefore, if you want to give your bankroll something of a boost in value then consider making sue of and claiming the bonuses that will become available to you when you start playing fruit machines at most online casino sites for real money.

However, it is worth noting that not every online casino bonus is going to be offering you a fair and favourable set of terms and conditions, so be prepared to read them through and then determine whether they are true valued bonuses that will give you a very fair and reasonable chance of winning when using your bonus credits.

If you do not want to claim any bonuses to play real money fruit machines with then you are not going to be forced to have to do so, and by playing you’re your own funds you can of course cash out any and all winnings at any time.


If you do wander into a pub in the UK you are often going to find one or more fruit machines in those venues and keep in mind that the pay-out percentages on fruit machines found in pubs clubs and many other land based venues are not going to be as high as the pay-out percentages that are found online.

To be able to play fruit machines online you will need to be over the age of 18 or 21 if you live in some countries of the world, and as such do not be too surprised if you sign up to an online or mobile casino site and are then asked to prove your age and industry to the security team in place at those sites or apps.

As soon as you do verify your age and identity then you will be able to play all types of fruit machines at those sites and one their apps with no restrictions in place.


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