How do You Know When a Slot Machine will Pay-Out?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jul 1, 2019
How do You Know When a Slot Machine will Pay-Out? July 1, 2019" July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

highest payout slotsYou may have noticed that when playing slot machines in a land-based casino venue, some players just seem to have all the luck in the world and will win some huge amounts of cash and will rarely ever seem to lose when playing.

In fact, if you play online you will often see messages scrolling across the screen at any casinos sites you are playing at, and will often notice those messages continue updates on just which slots are paying out and the username of the players that are winning when playing them and the amounts of cash they have just one.

Some casinos site and casino apps also have what are known as winners walls listed upon them, and they are simply a way of letting other players know which slot games have paid out and which players have won when playing them, and often it is the same players usernames you see listed on those winners walls with some huge amounts of cash listed alongside their names too.

Therefore, there will often come a time when you ask yourself whether it really is possible to predict and know when a slot machine will pay-out and whether some players have the ability of selecting slots which will award a huge valued set of winning pay-outs.

New Land Based Slots Can Pay-Out More

When a brand new slot machine is rolled out onto a land based casinos gaming floor, the casino owner will of course want players to play that slot machine, for it will of course have cost that owner a small fortune to purchase that machine and he will want it to start earning money right from the get go.

As slot machines can and often do stay in place on a casinos gaming floor for many years, one way that a casino owner or operator will ensure players have a good playing experience when any new slot machines are placed on their gaming floors is by increasing the pay-out percentages for a few days or weeks.

As such what you should always be on the lookout for brand new slot machines that have just been placed on a casinos gaming floor, for there is a very good chance those machines will have been set with a much higher pay-out percentage or RTP as the pay-out percentage is often referred to.

Just keep in mind though that once the machine has been on a casino gaming floor for a few days or a couple of weeks the RTP will then be dropped back down, so players who did get more play time from their original playing session may think they will continue to do so and will be very eager to play that slot, unaware that the RTP is not as high as it originally was when that slot machines was brand new.

Higher Stakes Means Bigger Valued Pay-Outs

Everything is relevant when gambling, and as such if you are looking to win big then often you have to gamble for high stakes, and it is a well-known fact that when you do see players winning hand pay after hand pay those players are often playing or some huge stakes amounts.

However, the beauty of most slot machines is that some of them will still give you the chance of winning big when playing or low stakes, and hi9gh variance slots for example are one type of slot that could ward you with huge valued winning pay-out seven if you play for pennies.

In fact, the very best way to play high variance slots is for very low stake amounts, for due to the simple way they have been designed, players do tend to have to play off a huge number of spins before they are ever going to be lucky enough to spin in a very high valued winning pay-out.

But it so also often on the bonus games that are attached to such slot machines that offer a huge variance type of playing format and structure that the biggest valued winning pay-outs are going to be awarded so do keep that in mind when picking out just which slot games to play.

More Winning Spins Playing Low Variance Slots

The know variance slot machines are often very easy to spot when you play slot machines in any playing environment, for when you look at the pay table of such slot you will notice the jackpots are not that high in value.

When you do set about playing low variance slot machines you should see plenty of low valued winning pay-outs spinning in time and time again and thus you will get much more play time out of such slots due to you being able to replay and recycle your bankroll and stakes many, many times.

When a low variance slot machines odes have some form of bonus game or bonus feature on offer too, what you are going to find is that they tend to be triggered quite often and for example free spins bonus games can not only trigger regularly and frequently but they can also be re-triggered time and time again too.

Just keep in mind though that if you do set about playing low variance slot games you do not stand to win as much as you could do when playing medium or high variance slots but you should certainly get plenty of play time when you so do play them when compared to medium and high variance slots.

Make Sure You Understand Slot Game RTP’s

The one simple rule to always remember when you are picking out some slot machines to play anywhere, is to only play those that have been designed with a high pay-out percentage, and by high, I mean over 98%.


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