How to Win On Slot Machines Every Time

Jacob Atkinson By Jacob Atkinson    | Jul 1, 2019
How to Win On Slot Machines Every Time July 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

If there is one aspect to playing slot machines that every single players does need to be fully aware of, it is that each time you spin the slot game reels a random number generator will determine whether that spin will be a winning one or a losing one.

As such, in theory there is no way that any players can or will have the ability of knowing that they are about to experience a winning session or whether they are going to have a losing session, but there are some ways that players can increase their winning chances.

With that in mind, what this guide to playing slot machines is going to be taking a look at is the many different ways that some players will use to increase their winning chances, and believe it or not it is possible to dramatically improve your chances of winning when playing slot games.

What you should always be doing however is ensuring first and foremost that you are playing slot machines at a fully licensed casino site, for that way if you do experience a winning session then you are not going to experience any problems when cashing out and receiving your winnings, no matter how much you do go on to win.

Utilizing Online Casino Bonuses Optimally

The one strategy that may players will adopt when playing slot machines online or via their mobile devices to have a somewhat better chance of winning, is by always making use of casino bonuses when they sit down to play.

The range of types of bonuses that players will always be eager to make use of will always be the bonuses on which there is the very fairest set of terms and conditions, that will not restrict their game play or the amount of cash that they could end up winning and cashing out at any time.

Free no deposit bonuses are always going to be the most sought-after bonuses by slot players who will trawl the web to hunt down those bonuses and claim as many of them that they can at different new casino sites that they come across.

The main advantage of course about using a no deposit and free no risk casino bonus is that players are never going to be putting any of their own funds at risk when using them, and with a little bit of luck in playing could wins some rather large amounts of cash at any time too.

Hit-By and Guaranteed Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are one type of jackpot slot players can spend hours, days, weeks and even months trying to win, but sadly they are the type of jackpots on offer on some slot machines that rarely get won.

In fact, I have seen some slots offering a progressive jackpot that haven’t been won in years, and as such players do need to be aware of the very real risks to their bankroll if they choose to get stuck into playing such slot machines.

However, to increase your chances of winning one of those illusive jackpots, you are going to have to track down and play some of the slots that guarantee their respective jackpots are going to be won when they reach a certain value.

The way to play such slot however, is to only ever set about playing them when they are very close to their guaranteed jackpots amounts, for those jackpots are going to be won very soon, and you never know you could be the luck winner of one of them when you to choose to play that way.

Forcing Fruit Machine Jackpots

Fruit machines are designed in a very different ways to slot machines in general, for they have been designed to go through cycles which could be any number of base game spins, but at the end of the cycle of spins they are legally required to have paid out to players their pre-set pay-out percentage by way of stakes compared to winning pay-outs.

That does of course mean that over the years savvy slot players and very experienced ones have developed many ways of winning and winning big on any type of fruit machine, by playing them in a certain way.

One way is to simply sit in a bar or cafe for example and watch other players playing a fruit machine, and when enough cash has been lost on a fruit machine they will then start to play it but in such a way that they can force its jackpot or a series of high valued winning pay-outs.

The way the often do just that is each time they spin in a  winning combination they will take the gamble option and keep on gambling until they either lose or win the jackpot, when the RTP of a fruit machine gets so low when it is nearing the end of its play cycle a fruit machine will do whatever it needs to do to increase that RTP, and the easiest way is for it to award a jackpot or several of them on the trot.

Fixed Odds Slot Machines

A fixed odds slot machine will give you a rather range playing format, and one in which you are required to try and guess just which winning combination will spin in, as there are lot of different ones that are guaranteed to spin in on each spin you play off.

Obviously, the odds of winning one of the higher valued winning pay-outs is much lower than the spinning in one of the must smaller winning pay-outs, so do keep that in mind if you choose to play these rather fun to play slots.

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