What are the Most Popular Slot Machine Themes?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 12, 2019
What are the Most Popular Slot Machine Themes? November 12, 2019" November 12, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

Mariah Carey promoting her own branded slot game at Caesars PalaceWhen you are on the hunt for some online slot machines to play or wish to play them via a mobile device or even by visiting a land-based casino, you are going to find often hundreds if not thousands of different ones to play.

However, as each slot machine will come with its own unique theme, that is often the one aspect of slot games that will draw you into playing one or more of them, and today I am going to be looking at the themes that slot players do tend to like attached to slot machines, and the ones that tend to get the most play time and attention from slot players too.

There are also several additional aspects of playing slot machines that could see you being lured into playing different types and categories of slots, and that is why I have compiled many additional guides throughout this website too.

You may be new to the very exciting and potentially very profitable world of playing slot machines in any playing environment, and if you are then please do look over my other guides which cover topics and answer questions such as what are expanding reel symbols and what is the top strategy for playing progressive slots and even what is a good slot game staking strategy.

I would also advise you to look at my guide to the best strategy for using slot bonuses for if you do decide to play online or via a mobile device you are going to be offered lots of different types of bonuses, and also have a quick look through my article that will let you know why do players accumulate bonus games too.

Top 10 Slot Machine Themes

Below you will find the top 10 themed found attached to many slot machines available in all playing environments.

But do of course keep in mind there are hundreds of other themes you will also find many slot machines have associated with them, so there is no doubt in my mind you will find more than enough slots that you will like the look of and will enjoy playing, no matter where you choose to play.

  1. Oriental
  2. Egyptian
  3. Sport
  4. Animals
  5. Underwater
  6. Celebrities
  7. Mythical
  8. TV Shows
  9. Movies
  10. Classical

High and low variance slot games may be what you enjoy playing, and there are going to be some slot themes that usually have such playing variances attached to them.

Take for example Oriental and Egyptian themed slot machines, those types of slots often have a high-risk high variance type of playing structure, however some animal themed slots and classical themed slots will come with a low variance type of playing format and structure.

Features of Fully Themed Slot Machines

Plenty of different features and options settings are going to be on offer to you if you do play any type of slot machine, no matter what theme is attached to it, and you can put into place your own unique type of slot playing experience when you make sue of those options settings.

As many fully themed slot machines are going to come with some sound effect that are associated with their theme, then do make sure that you play such slots with the audio settings turned on and the volume turned up too as that way you will have a much more enjoyable and enveloping slot playing experience when you do so.

The bonus games fully themed slot machines have attached and on offer on them will often also be based around the theme of the slot game too, so do be on the lookout for those bonus features, which could be a special type of pick and win or pick or match bonus game, or even a wheel spinning bonus game or a set of free spins.

An auto play setting will allow you to set any slot machine to play itself automatically on your chosen stake amount, so if you fancy sitting back and watching a slot machine play itself then do consider using an auto play setting on any slot machines you get stuck into playing.

The help files and the pay table of any slot machine is going to enlighten you on how every single slot machine has been designed, so be prepared to spend a little bit of time reading through the pay tables and help files as that way you are always then going to know what you stand to win and just how any bonus games on fully themed slot machines are going to be triggered and awarded to you and how they are going to play off too.


I am more than confident that if you are a big fan of some singers or rock and pop bands you are going to find some slot machines that are themed around them.

One recently launched land based slot machine that some of you out here are going to love playing is the Madonna themed slot, which features the signer herself on the slot and reels as symbols and you will hear her belting out some of her most famous songs as you play that slot too.

Many land based casinos are looking for new ways to get slot players visiting their venues, so if you do plan on visiting such a venue then look out for their promotional offers and try and visit on the days they are up and running to get more value out of your bankroll.

However, when it comes to playing slot machines on your mobile devices or on any type of computer, it doesn’t matter what time or day or day of the week you do fancy playing slot machines, there are always going to be lots of different promotional offers available to you.


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