What are Pokie Machines?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 1, 2019
What are Pokie Machines? November 1, 2019" November 1, 2019 Jacob Atkinson https://www.sosgame.com/author/jacob

fruit machinesYou may hear or come across the term pokie machines or pokie games when you start playing slot machines online, and you may just be wondering just what they are and whether you are going to enjoy playing them too.

However, there is nothing mysterious or unique about pokie machines, for all they are, are slot machines and it is people that are based in countries such as Australia and New Zealand that lovingly refer to slot machines as pokie machines.

Therefore all you will find all pokie machines are simply any type of slot machine, and as such you will find 3 reel and classical pokies, video pokie and progressive jackpot awarding pokie machines, which play any pay in much the same way as all other slot machines do.

If you have just ventured into the online slot playing environment but want to get a much greater and deeper insight into playing slot machines online, then to help you get to grips with doing so I have compiled lots of different online slot playing guides and articles that you are more than welcome to check out on this website.

Those guides and articles cover topics such as which ae the free slot games with bonus rounds no download casinos offer and how to win on slot machines every time and even a very interesting articles on how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet too.

A few additional articles that you may find of great interest if you are about to play real money slot machines online include my guide on how do you know when a slot machine will pay-out and also look at playing some other games such as those that will be revealed to you in my keno slot machines and how to play them guide.

Tips for Playing Pokie Machines

If you do fancy playing pokie machines online then the best tip I can pass onto you is to look out for the ones that have been designed in such a way that they have a higher than average long term expected pay-out percentages.

By playing such slots due to those higher pay-out percentages you are going to get more play time out of your pokie playing budget and will also get more of your stake money returned to you as winning pay-outs over the long term too.

Do also consider claiming some of the many bonus offers that many casino sites to make available to their real money pokie playing customers as you will often find some of those bonuses are going to allow you to massively boost the value of your bankroll when you clam any of them, but only claim the ones that come with the fairest terms and conditions.

Types of Pokie Machines

Let me now give you some idea of the many different types of pokie machines that you are going to have access to if and when you do decide to switch over to playing online, for there are going to be lots of different categories of pokie machines many of which you are sure to fancy getting stuck into playing.

Basic pokie machines are going to be the classic and 3-reel slot machines, and those will come with just a small number of pay-lines, in the case of classic pokies those slots will some with just one single pay-line spread over three reels.

Classic pokies and most 3 reel ones too rarely come with any type of bonus games or bonus features, so they are going to be highly suitable for all players that want a very basic slot playing experience, but the RTP’s of those games can be quite high which is of course good to know.

You will also find plenty of pokie machines that come with a video slot type of structure and format and as such those types of slot machines will offer players lot of pay-lines and they will come with all manner or built in and unique bonus games and bonus features too, so they can be very exciting pokies to play.

When it comes to the pokie machines that could award you with a life changing jackpot, it will be the progressive pokie machines that you should be looking to play, but if you do decide to give those types of pokies some play time you would always ensure that you are playing them in such a way that the progressive jackpot or jackpots will be activated on each spin you play off.

Fruit machines are another type of pokie machine that some casino sites will be offering you, those games tend to have just one single pay-line on offer to players but make no mistake about it they are going to be every entertaining pokies to get stuck into playing.

The reason for me saying that is that fruit machines tend to come jam packed full of bonus games and bonus features so you are always going to trigger a very large number of bonus games and bonus features when you play them, and the other advantage of playing them is that they tend to also come with some very low staking options too.


Keep in mind that there are not going to be any major differences regarding pokie machines and slot machines, and as such if you choose to play pokies in a  land based venue then you will find that pokies do come with note acceptors allowing you to insert notes rather than just play them with coins.

With some councils in towns and cities looking at cutting back the number of pokies that are available in land based venues many players these days find it much easier to play pokie machines online and form the comfort of their own homes, which is something you may fancy doing yourself.


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