Top 10 Paying Aristocrat Slots Games

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 19, 2019
Top 10 Paying Aristocrat Slots Games November 19, 2019" November 19, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

AristocratThe will be several slot machines that have been designed and released by Aristocrat that I just know are going to appeal to you as an avid slot player, but by far and away the very best slots to play are those listed below which boast the highest possible RTP’s.

It can be and often is during the bonus games that players can win the biggest possible pay-out when playing those slots listed above so they are going to be what you will be hoping to see triggering time and time again when playing any of those slot games online.

How to find the Best Aristocrat RTP Slots

The thing you have to keep in mind when playing Aristocrat designed slot machines is that many of them can be very high variance slots, and as such it is important that you do not get too carried away when selecting a stake level to play them for.

Play for a stake too high and one that your bankroll cannot sustain for very long, then as sure as night follows day you may find it gets depleted quickly. But of course, there is always the chance of winning big, and that can happen when you play for very low stakes, which is good to know.

Some of the savviest slot players spend quite a lot of time carefully picking out which slots to play in any playing environment, and they are going to spend some time looking up the pay-out percentages of the slots available to them and will only ever play those with the highest pay-out percentages.

With that in mind, if you do fancy playing Aristocrat slots online, and to make your life easier, below you are going to find the slots from that slot game designer that have been set to return the highest pay-out percentages, and those will be the slots you will be best off playing.

There are lots of questions that slot players have including how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone and how to pick a winning slot machine or even which casino has the most slot machines in Las Vegas and there are articles on this very website that will answer those questions.

If you are wondering where to sell slot machines or where to buy slot machines and whether if you can you make living playing slot machines then those questions and many others will be answered throughout this website, so please do take a good look around.

Aristocrat Slot RTP’s

Compared to some other slot machine designers, the slot games available from Aristocrat are not that high in value, but there are some that do come with slightly higher RTP’s than other slots, and one slot worth playing is the Red Baron slot, due in no small part to its pay-out percentage being 95.7%.

Aristocrat Slots RTP

    Some other slots that are worth playing, based on their long term expected pay-out percentages are the Big Ben, Lucky 88 and Queen of the Nile II slots which have been set to return to players over the long term 95.6% of their stakes as winning pay-outs.

    Then you have slots such as the Zorro slot which has a pay-out percentage of 95.5%, followed be the Werewolf Wild which has an RTP of 95.3% and then Dragon Emperor which has a slightly lower RTP of 95.2%.

    There are three other slot machines that Aristocrat have launched that come with reasonable long term expected pay-out percentages, and for reference they are Let’s Go Fish’n, Miss Kitty along with the ever popular Where’s the Gold slot, and when playing them you will be playing slots that have been set to return to players 94.9% of their stakes as winning pay-outs over the long term.

    Tips, Cheats and Hacks for Playing Aristocrat Slots

    Being certified fair and random slot machines there are no hacks or cheats related to Aristocrat slots, so the best way to play them is to hope its your lucky day and pick out those that have the best RTP’s, in the hope you will spin in a big win.

    Most slot machines from that slot game designer, as mentioned above are high variance ones, and it is usually from the bonus game feature round where you have the very best chances of winning big, so you will be best off playing the base game in such a way that you get a reasonable chance of triggering that bonus game.

    I would therefore suggest that you try and divide up your bankroll in such a way that the stakes you play any Aristocrat slot machine for will allow you to play off between 100 to 150 base game spins per session at least, for by playing off that many spins you should get a fair and reasonable chance of triggering at the very least one bonus game.

    When you set about playing at online and mobile casino sites you are of course going to be offered plenty of casino bonus offers, and there can be occasions when it will be financially beneficial to claim some of those bonuses to increase your chance of winning.

    However, do keep in mind that you will need to read through any and all terms and conditions and any bonus play rules to determine whether any bonus offer you are thinking of claiming is going to give you additional playing value and may increase your winning chances.

    The terms that are important of such bonuses much more so when playing slot machines, is the amount of play through you have to achieve with your bonus credits, the lower the play through the better valued a bonus is, and the play through requirements should not only be low but only attached to your bonus credits and not the amount you deposited to claim any such bonus.

    Do also make sure that you are not going to have any maximum cash out rules attached to any bonuses you claim, for if you do then if you win more than the maximum cash out amount, any excess winnings you are lucky enough to achieve will be voided out by the casino, meaning you will not be able to get paid out those additional winnings.

    If you are the type of slot player that do enjoy using casino bonuses, then those casinos site that do have the fairest and most player friendly bonus terms and conditions are those ones listed and showcased throughout this website.


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