How to Trigger More Bonus Games Playing Slot Machines

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 7, 2019
How to Trigger More Bonus Games Playing Slot Machines November 7, 2019" November 7, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Online Slots Bonus RoundPlaying video slots and those 3 reel slots that offer some form of bonus game are always going to be exciting to play, for at any time on any base game spin you could be awarded with the main bonus game of such slots and could win some huge amounts of cash when playing them, and this guide will be letting you know how you can increase your chances of triggering bonus games.

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Fruit Machines Award Many More Bonus Games

There is one type of slot machine that has been designed in such a way that you are always going to trigger and be awarded with many bonus games when playing them, and they are called fruit machines.

Those gaming machines can be very low stake ones to play, and whilst the jackpot son offer are in no way shape or form huge in value, thanks to the huge number of bonus games and bonus features and the high hit frequency of each of them you really are going to have some extended playing session and some much more entraining and exciting slot playing session when you set about playing any type of fruit machine.

Video Slots with Multiple Bonus Games

It is true to say that a slot machine that has serval different bonus games and/or bonus features built into their design, then the more frequently you are then going to trigger and be awarded with them.

It can often take over 150 base game spins on average to trigger a bonus game on a any slot machines that have just one bonus game attached to them, however the number of base game spins that you may have to play off on average to trigger a bonus game on a  slot that has lots of them on offer can be much lower.

So, it doe of course therefore go without saying that to get more chances of triggering a bonus game when playing slots you should be tracking down and only ever playing those slot machines and slot games that have more than one bonus game on offer, so make sure that is something you set about doing.

Low Variance Slots Can Also Award More Bonus Games

I would also urge you to play some of the many thousands of low variance slot machines, if you are ever eager to trigger lots of bonus games when playing slot machines.

The reason I advise that is that low variance slot machines an slot games will be designed in such a way that they are going to be awarding you with lots of winning pay-outs, albeit low valued ones, but you do tend to find n that many of those types of low risk slots will also trigger their respective bonus games too.

It is true and very fair to say you will not have the chance of winning the mage sized winning pay-outs that can be won when playing high variance slots, when you play just low variance slots, but the frequency of the lower valued base game and bonus game pay-outs will often allow you to recycle your bankroll lots of times and therefore get more play time from your gambling budget.

As for the types of bonus games that could be triggered and awarded to you when playing low variance slot games, well its fair to say you are going to find all of the usual ones such as set of free spins, pick and win and pick and match bonus games and some ow variance and low risk slot games that will also award you with some form of wheel spinning bonus game too.


You should also keep your eyes peeled for local news to where you live, for when you do you will come across stories that may affect you and where you play slot machines, and could also come cross some new slot machines that play in a  different way.

Just keep in mind though, that at the end of the day you really do need to ensure that you are playing legally operated slot machines for some operators will not be licensed anywhere, and by playing their slot machines you could run the very real risk of playing a slot with a low RTP and one that may not give you  fair and reasonable chance of winning.

But it doesn’t matter where you live you are always going to come across online and mobile slot machines that are new and ones that may appeal to you.


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