How to Play Fruit Machines Optimally?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 27, 2019
How to Play Fruit Machines Optimally? October 27, 2019" October 27, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

fruit machinesI can guarantee that if you have a look at my article that enlightens you on which casino has the most slot machines in Las Vegas and you do visit that casino you are not going to find any fruit machines on its gaming floor or for that matter on any land based USA casinos gaming floor.

That is due to the fact fruit machines are not available in the U.S but they are a type of slot game that many players in the UK and some European players are very familiar with, and if you do enjoy playing them this guide is going to show you how you can play them optimally in the hope of increasing your winning chances.

However, it is always going to be important for slot players of any type to get a good insight into the whole playing environment and as such I have hundreds of different articles and guides around this website that will cover ever spectrum of slots and fruit machines.

You may for example be eager to learn where to sell slot machines or conversely where to buy slot machines and is so both of my guides on those two subjects are going to be worth reading through if you do want to buy or sell a slot machine.

One thing that you may be wondering is whether it is possible that you can you make living playing slot machines and I bet you can answer that question yourself, however there are some people that do tend to win more times than they lose when playing slot machines.

Also learn what is the best time to win on slot machines as sometimes there can be times of the day or night or week or month when you are going to find that you could get more winning opportunities than others.

Picking a Better Paying Fruit Machine

As most fruit machine players are going to want to get lots of play time from their bankroll, then it will always be the ones that come with the most bonus games that they are going to be very eager to get stuck into playing.

However, I just know that no matter which of the one you do choose to play you are going to find plenty of bonus games and bonus features attached to them, but keep in mind that at the end of the day it Is going to be the pay-out percentage of any fruit machine, that will determine whether you get lots of winning spins or not.

Therefore it is important that when you do want to play fruit machines online that you make a point of playing those that come with the highest of pay-out percentages, and there can be, much like casino slot games, lots of different pay-out percentages each one has been set to return to players over the long term of course.

I would urge you to forget about playing fruit machines in land based venues, for it is no secret many of those fruit machine will be set to return some very low pay-out percentages to players, and as such you will often find your bankroll will not last very long when you set about playing them unless you are very lucky.

Online fruit machines however often come with very high RTP’s and it wont therefore be too difficult of you to come across lots of different fruit machines on which you will find pay-out percentages in the mid to high 90’s range, which will ensure you do get lots of play time when playing them due in no small part to the frequency at which you will spin in winning combinations.

Know When to Stop Playing Fruit Machines

Knowing when to stop playing fruit machines is an important part of any players strategy, for you could experience a winnings session when playing fruit machines at any time, but you could also of course experience a losing session when playing fruit machines at any time too.

Setting yourself a budget to play fruit machines with is important, as also too is picking out a stake level to play fruit machines for based on your available bankroll.

I do know many fruit machine players are going to set themselves a winning goal which will often be double of their starting casino account balance, so if for example you set about playing fruit machines online for real money and you start playing with 50.00 then consider calling it a day and stopping playing when your casino account balance has grown in value to 100.00.

However if you do find that when you start playing any fruit machines online or real money that you experience losing spin after losing spin then also consider stopping and calling it a day if your staring bankroll dwindles down in value to half that amount, for you will not enjoy losing spin after spin, that’s for sure.


It has been found that many players first discover playing fruit machines as teenagers, however many of them do tend to find they can experience problems with the amount of cash they spend when playing them, and as such they are banned from playing them online or on their mobile phones.

To negate the possibly of those not old enough to play fruit machines to have the chance of doing so all online and mobile casino sites have some very strict rules regarding who can play them at their sites and on their apps and they also have in play age verification systems too allow only those that are legally old enough to gamble can play fruit machines in either of those two very popular playing environments which is of course good to know and keeps children away from gambling activities.


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