How Often Does the Wild Desire Feature Trigger?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 9, 2019
How Often Does the Wild Desire Feature Trigger? November 9, 2019" November 9, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Immortal Romance - Wild Desire Bonus FeatureSome online and mobile slot machines have proven to be some of the most popular and most played ones in both of those two playing environments, and one slot that does also get a lot of attention and play time from players is Microgaming’s Immortal Romance slot game.

That game is a fixed pay-line slot on which you are in fact going to have 243 ways to win on each spin you play off and it comes with a Wild Desire feature on which one to five reels will be turned wild when awarded to players.

Before I reveal to you some hard facts and stats on that bonus features and many other aspect of the Immortal Romance slot, be aware there are some other guides that you should read through on this website to help you understand how slot machines play and pay including my guides that will answer the questions do fixed pay-line slots trigger their bonus games more and which are the top paying optional pay-line slots.

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Wild Desire Feature Trigger Value

The Wild Desire bonus feature that is found on the Immortal Romance slot machine is awarded randomly to plays at the start of a base game spin, and when it is then one to five reels are going to be randomly turned into completely wild reels.

The main aim of that randomly awarded Wild Desire feature is for players to see as many of the reels, and ideally all five of them, being turned wild, for the more reels that do turn wild the much greater the chance a player will have of forming multiple winning combinations.

Keep in mind that if all five reels do turn wild, then that will mark the arrival of a massive winning pay-out for that will result in a player having formed 243 jackpot paying winning combinations on each of the 243 ways to win the slot offers.

As for just how many base game spins a player will on average have to play off before that bonus feature is awarded to them, well the answer to that question is 400 base game spin. However, it could take far fewer than 400 base game spins or more than that amount to trigger the feature, but that is the average number of spins it usually takes to trigger that feature.

Immortal Romance Free Spins Feature Trigger Values

There is also a set of free spins that players can trigger when playing the Immortal Romance slot game, however when you first play the slot you are only going to be offered one set of free spins, but as you play the slot more and more and trigger the free spins bonus games more and more times, then additional options as to how you can play off your set of free spins will then unlock.

In total, you could unlock four different options as to how you can play off your set of free spins, and each of them will offer a different built in bonus feature too, so you much select the one that you hunk is going to give you  very fair chance of winning big as soon as you do unlock all four options and you trigger the free spins playing that slot.

As for just how many base game spins on average it will take you to trigger the free spins bonus game on the Immortal Romance slot, well 160 is the average number of spins between each set of free spins being triggered and awarded to players

But much like the Wild Desire feature mentioned up above, it could take more or less than 160 spins to trigger the free spins bonus game, as the slot is of course completely random in its design.

Immortal Romance RTP Breakdown

Some additional information about the Immortal Romance slot game from Microgaming that you may find of interest is that the long term expected RTP of that slot is 96.86%.

The base game makes up around 65% of that RTP with the rest being made up from the winnings achieved via its free spins bonus game and the Wild Desire bonus feature too, so to get a fair and decent RTP on any session you give that slot you will ideally need to trigger both of those bonus games at some point.


Microgaming has been around for many years, and you will find that Microgaming do launch a lot of new slot machines each month and as such there are always going to be plenty of brand new slot machines of you to get stuck into playing when you set about playing at a  casino site that utilizes their gaming platform.

Many Microgaming slots come with high RTP’s and therefore if you do ever want to play their slot games then you will be best advised to check out just which of their slot machines do come with higher than average pay-out percentages and concentrate your real money playing efforts playing those slot machines.

It is also worth noting that Microgaming have several other slot machines which offer some form of randomly warded wild reel bonus game feature round, so you will find more than enough slots at casinos offering their range of games on which you could trigger that type of bonus game when playing them, and you can also test drive them for free too by playing the demo mode versions of those slots.


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