How Many Bonus Features do Fruit Machines Offer?

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 29, 2019
How Many Bonus Features do Fruit Machines Offer? October 29, 2019" October 29, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Online Slots Bonus RoundAs fruit machines are a type of slot machine on which there are always going to be many more bonus games and bonus features when compared to any other category of slot, you are often going to be drawn into playing them for some much more fun and exciting and obviously exciting slot playing sessions.

With that in mind below I am going to be running through and enlightening you on the huge and very diverse range of different fruit machine bonus games and bonus features that could be awarded to you, to help you make up your own mind as to just which ones you will enjoy playing.

Do always keep in mind that you should learn as much as you possibly can do when it comes to playing slot machines and fruit machines so spend some time looking at my guide on how to beat slot machines as it will open your eyes as to how you really can increase your winning chances.

Also look up my what slot gamble game is the most exciting as you will find plenty of fruit machines are going to have some form of gamble game available, which is you do play it off luckily then you could massively increase the value of any winning pay-outs that you have spun in.

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Bonus Boards and Bonus Ladders

On many fruit machines what you will find as opposed to slot machines is that often the bonus games are not going to be triggered via a set of bonus symbols or scatter symbols, instead they will often be triggered by numbers that have been super imposed onto some reel symbols.

Therefore what you will find is that you will have to spin in a certain value of numbers on the pay line and once you do spin in enough of those super imposed numbers you will then trigger a bonus board or bonus ladder feature.

The aim of triggering those types of fruit machine bonus games will be to work your way around the bonus board or bonus ladder until you land on one of the higher paying ones, or land on a position that will trigger an additional bonus game that tends to award you with some much higher winning pay-outs.

But keep in mind that you will also be able to collect the cash pay-outs or additional bonus games at any time that you have landed on, and by choosing to play on you could lose and end the bonus game at any time.

Hold and Nudge Features

Two other bonus features that can be triggered a huge number of times are hold and nudges, and with that in mind I will now give you an insight into how those bonus features have been designed and how to use them when they have been triggered and awarded to you.

Underneath the reels of each fruit machine you will find a button, and as such if you are playing a fruit machine that has three reels then there will be three buttons underneath the reels, if those light illuminate and have Hold displayed on them, then you have been awarded a the hold feature for the next spin.

That feature allows you to hold any or all or none of the reels and lock them into position for the very next spin, so if you have for example have two matching symbols then you can hold them both for the next spin and hold the third symbols needed to complete a winning combination then spins in on that very next spin.

You may also be offered a hold after you have spun in a winning combination and if so, then always hold the reels that contain that winning combination as you will then win it again.

A nudge feature could also be awarded to you at the end of any base game spin of a fruit machine and if so the buttons underneath each reel will light up and displayed the word Nudge and you can then move any of those reels downwards or sometimes upwards too, by the number of nudges that you have been awarded with in the hope you manage to form a winning combination.


Keep in mind that there are lots of different casinos out there that you can sign up to and play at online or on your mobile device, and there are also a huge range of different slot machines that you can play online too.

But if you are very eager to get stuck into playing slot machines that are going to be offering you a  very high level of bonus games and bonus features and plenty of excitement and entertainment, then you are going to be very hard-pressed to find better slot machines to play than fruit machines.

With highly advanced graphics and animations and some completely enveloping sound effects too, make no mistake about it when you do set about playing the next generation of online and mobile fruit machines you really are going to have plenty of fun playing them.

But do first consider giving some of those new online and mobile fruit machines some play time or free initially as you can then play them for as long as you like and make up your own mind as to whether they are going to be games you will enjoy playing later for real money.


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