How Free Slot Play Works

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 16, 2019
How Free Slot Play Works September 16, 2019" September 16, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

highest payout slotsThere are of course casinos located all over the world, however many players do opt to play at online casinos or play at mobile casinos apps using their mobile devices as they way that access and then play the slot machines available at such sites.

What you will therefore find is that and based casinos in places like Las Vegas are always looking at ways to attract players to their venues and to try and put together promotional offers that will draw people to those venues too rather than them playing online or at mobile casinos instead.

One way that many casinos will give players a reason to visit their respective venues is by offering them free slot play, which is basically an amount of cash that players can then use at no risk to play any of the slot games a casino venue has dotted around their gaming floors.

This guide therefore will give you an overview of just how free slot play promotions have been designed and it will also give you some ideas as to the best ways to use your free slot playing to give you fair and reasonable chance of beating the slot machines you play with those free slot machine credits too.

How to Be Awarded with Free Slot Play

The only way that a casino is going to give you any amount of free slot player to play their range of slot machines with, is when they have some idea as to just how much you tend to wager when you are visiting their venues.

That means that you are first and foremost going to have to join a casinos players club which are also often known as comp clubs and always make use of the players card you get when joining up to a casinos loyalty scheme, which is all a players club or comp club is.

You will need to insert your players card into the slot machines you play for real money, and by doing so the casino can then instantly see just what type of games in their respective casinos you have played, the stakes you have played for, the amount of time you played for and also the amount of cash you played through their slot machines too.

Keep in mind though that even if you are a low stake slot player, you can often earn yourself a huge number of comp points by recycling your initial bankroll multiple times, and even when playing penny slot games if you did have plenty of winning spins during any one real money slot playing session you could accumulate a fair amount of comp points during that session.

Once the casino has a good idea of how many comp points you earned on previous visit to their casino then their promotions team will be able to work out the value of your slot playing real money gaming action, and will then send you out a free slot play invitation if they do feel your gaming actions warrants some free slot play.

As for just how much that will be, well the amount of slot play casinos give out to their players can and will vary dependent on just how generous those casinos are, but low stake players will be offered something to revisit a casino, but high stake players are always going to be the ones that do tend to get offered the very highest amount of free slot play.

Once you have been offered free slot play then all that you need to do when you revisit a casino and wish to use that free slot play is to insert your players can into the slot machine and scroll through the menu on the screen to get your credits added to the slot machine or slot machines that you wish to use it on.

You will not be able to cash out your reel slot play, but you will be able to cash out saintly any winnings that you achieve using that free slot player, which could or course be any amount of you do win, and winnings will not be capped at most casinos either.

Other Types of Casino Rewards

There are going to be plenty of other promotional offers that will be coming your way as soon as you sign up to any casinos and start to play their range of slot machines for real money, but keep in mind that all promotional offers including bonuses will come with their own set of terms and conditions.

Player should make a point of reading through all of the terms and conditions attached to any and all promotional offers as that way they will then be able to make an informed choice of what they have just read, as to whether any of those offers and deals are going to be worth claiming and using on slot machines.

  1. Deposit Bonuses
  2. Cash Back Offers
  3. Free Slot Spins
  4. Reload Bonus Offers
  5. Player Birthday Deal
  6. Invitational Slot Tournaments

At the end of the day though, never forget that if you do not wish to claim any type of bonus offer or promotional deals then casinos are not going to force them upon you, and by playing with your own money you will then not be forced to have to adhere to things such as play through requirements and as such can cash out any and all winnings you achieve in full and at any time too.


As many casinos are battling to make income levels grow, you are going to find lots of casinos are pushing up the value of their promotional offers  to draw in more slot players, so be prepared to shop and hunt around for the best value slot playing promotional offers and deals.


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