Best Fruit Machine Playing Strategy

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Oct 31, 2019
Best Fruit Machine Playing Strategy October 31, 2019" October 31, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

Fruit Machine Playing StrategyFruit machines are much more popular than casino slot machines in places such as the UK, and the reason for that being the case is that they tend to be much lower stake gaming machines and ones that tend to offer players much more entertainment and excitement too.

The way in which all fruit machines have been designed is that players are always going to be guaranteed of triggering and being awarded all manner of different bonus games and bonus features when playing them, and today I want to pass onto you the best fruit machine playing strategy to help you get more fun and enjoyment out of playing them and increase your chances of winning big too.

Getting as much knowledge as you can do about playing fruit machines is always going to stand you in good stead and therefore please of take a look at some of my many other guides such as the one that reveals the top paying optional pay-line slots and answers the question do all progressive slots have fixed pay-lines.

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Let me now give you a full insight into how you can utilize one of the very best fruit machine playing strategies which you are always going to be able to put to the test yourself by signing up to any of the many top rated and fully license and regulated casino sites you will see showcased throughout this website.

Higher RTP’s Means More Winning Payouts

The one best playing strategy when it comes to playing fruit machines online for real money is for you to actively make a point of only every playing those fruit machines that by their very design are going to pay you out more of your stake money as winning pay-outs over your long term play.

The pay-out percentages or RTP’s as they are often also referred to can and do change quickly noticeably on different fruit machines, so long before you ever do start playing fruit machines online you should look up the pay-out percentages of each fruit machine available to you and then simply make a note of and then only ever play the ones with higher than average RTP’s

As for just what is a higher than average RTP or pay-out percentage for a fruit machine, well look out for those that have pay-out percentages that have been set at over 96%, and there should be plenty of them available to you in both the online and mobile playing environments if you look around hard enough, so make sure that is something that you are always prepared to do.

Bonuses Boost Your Play Time

Another way to get more winning opportunities and also boost the amount to time that you can play fruit machines for is by you claiming some of the many casino bonuses that are always going to be offered to you from online and mobile casino sites and apps.

Just make sure though, that you ensure they can be utilized when playing lot and fruit machines, as some bonuses that you may just come across may just be for casino card and table games.

Plus, the best valued bonuses are always going to be high valued deposit match bonuses and those that come with low play through requirements and high cash out and pay out limits, so always be prepared to spend a much time is required hunting down the much more generous casino bonuses.

Set a Winning Goal and a Loss Limit

It is important that you treat your fruit machine bankroll with the greatest of respect, for you should never through caution to the wind when playing real money fruit machines as your bankroll will be at risk if you do so.

With that in mind make sure that you set aside a gambling budget that you can comfortably afford and then make sure that you always play fruit machines for a stake level that your bankroll is going to be able to sustain.

Also, and this is very important you will ideally be best advised to set yourself a winning goal too when you play real money fruit machines and when you reach it and stop playing and cash out your innings, the lower you set as your winning goal the much better chance you will have of achieving it so never get too greedy when you to set about playing slot machines and fruit machines for it is far too easy to carry on playing.


It will be up to you and your decision along regarding whether you do visit a pub to play fruit machines or simply log onto an online casino site or mobile casino app and play them from the conform of your own home or wherever it is you are.

But no matter where or when you chose to play slot machines do make sure the ones you play are legal fruit and slot machines and have been fully certified too, as that way you are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing that you are playing fair games and not rigged games.

In some countries of the world there are fruit machines that are not legally operated and as such you should always avoid playing slot machines and fruit machines in such places as you may end up playing one that has been rigged never to pay anything out.


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