Benefits of Playing at Crowded Casinos and Empty Casinos

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Sep 13, 2019
Benefits of Playing at Crowded Casinos and Empty Casinos September 13, 2019" September 13, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

empty vs. crowded casinosThere are of course benefits to be had when it comes to the type of playing environment you do play slot machines at but having said that there are also pros and cons related to just where you choose to play and gamble too.

If you do get the urge to play at a land based casino, then please do read through and make use of this slot playing guide and also checkout some of my other related guides and articles, as they will enlighten you on everything you need to know about playing in such a venue.

One aspect of playing in a land-based casino as opposed to playing online or via  a mobile casino app that you will have to get used to though, is the fact that sometimes such places can be very busy, whilst at other ties of the day and night they can be extremely quiet and may feel like they are deserted too.

As for just how many slot machines you will have access to when visiting a casino, well the bigger casinos can and do offer thousands of different slot machines, and those venues do of course tend to have the largest selection of brand-new slot machines too.

Choosing a Time to Visit a Casino

If you are not yet a member of a land based casinos loyalty clubs, players card schemes or comp clubs, then it is important that you do sign up for a players card as that way by inserting it into a slot machine before you start to play you will then be earning comp points when playing slot machines for real money in such a venue.

Be aware though that the players card booth may be closed in you pay a visit to a casino in the early hours of the day, so if you are visiting a casino for the very first time make sure you go initially when they are open to secure yourself a players card, so that you do not miss out on those valuable slot player rewards.

The busiest areas of a land based casinos gaming floor often have slot machines placed upon them that have been set with higher pay-out percentages, that is due to the fact that those machines will attract plenty of attention when they are being played and paying out by the many people passing them by.

Casinos will always be very busy at the weekends, so if you do plan on visiting any such venue at that time of the week then be prepared to be playing alongside a huge number of other slot players, some of whom may be playing the slot machines you fancy playing, so you may have to wait until they become free and available to you.

Promotional offers are what savvy gamblers are always going to be very eager to claim and make use of, and as such when casinos want to pack players into their venues when they are quiet, they will often run a range of different promotional offers at those times.

They can range from you being offered a gift simply for playing slot games or you may find some land-based casinos at the quieter times of the week will offer you comp point multipliers too.

Free drinks are often available to slot players and other gamblers when visiting most casinos, however at the busier times you are going to find the cocktail waitress seem to all vanish, as they will be extremely busy serving other customers.

One way to ensure a cocktail waitress is always going to ensure you never run out of a drink is to tip her and tip her well, so do keep that in mind too.

Finally, be aware that if you want to have free reign and be able to play as many different slot machines as you possibly can do when visiting a land based casino then you should try and visit midweek and ideally in the early hours of the morning.

That is due to most casinos being practically empty at that time of the day and therefore you will not have to queue or wait to play slot machines that are being hogged by other players. So do make a note of that fact if you are not a big fan of crowds and want to play without waiting to do so.

Things to Remember When Visiting a Casino

Below I have put together a roundup of and overview of things that you will need to remember relating to the times that you choose to visit any land based casino, so make sure you keep them in mind as they may affect the amount of enjoyment you get in a land based casino.

  1. Always Use a Player Card if Available
  2. Busy Areas Often Have Better Paying Slots
  3. Weekends are When Casinos are the Busiest
  4. Additional Promotions May be on Offer
  5. Cocktail Waitresses May be Very Busy
  6. Popular Slot Machines Will Be Being Played

You can of course also choose to play slot machines form the comfort of your own home instead, and to do so you will simply need to visit any of our featured online casino sites, many of which also have their own unique mobile casino apps too which will come jam packed full of every imaginable slot machine.


If you do plan on visiting a land-based casino anywhere in the world, then make sure you find out if any of them are running any special promotional offers when you intend to visit. That way you may find yourself being rewarded with plenty of additional extras when gambling in such a venue and each of them, but you may end up spending money tipping staff in Vegas casinos which will need factoring into your budget.


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