How Slot Games with Optional Gamble Games Work

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Nov 6, 2019
How Slot Games with Optional Gamble Games Work November 6, 2019" November 6, 2019 Jacob Atkinson

card based gamble feature in slotsYou may end up playing a slot machine on which as soon as you have spun in one or more winning combinations, you will then be offered an optional gamble game, for there are quite a slot of those slot machines available in every single type of playing environment.

The most commonly found gamble game you will find attached to many slot machines however are very basic in their design, and will see you having to play off a playing card predicting type of gamble game to determine whether you will increase the value of your base game winning pay-out or not.

When playing such a slot you are tasked with trying to guess whether a soon to be dealt out playing card will be a red one or black done to double you winning pay-out, or guessing correctly the suit of that playing card, and if you do so your base game winning pay-out will be quadrupled in value.

However, as such optional gamble games can be quite boring to play off, today I am going to be looking at the slot machines that have slightly more advanced gamble games and looking at how they have been designed, to allow you to judge for yourself whether those slots are going to be ones that will appeal to you.

Best Slot Game Gamble Features

I have put together another slot playing guide that will reveal to you just which are the most existing gamble games attached to slot machines, and therefore when you do get some spare time please do read through that guide to discover some very unique playing and paying slot games all of which will offer a very unique slot playing experience.

Many Novomatic slot machines will offer you a gamble type of bonus game and those slot machines can be found in land based casinos and at many online and mobile casino sites too, however their respective bonus games are sadly the rather boring to play off playing card predicting gamble games I told you about up above.

However, one slot game designer that is best known for their stunning range of 3D slot machines is a company called Betsoft and the Betsoft range of slot machines do tend to have by far and away the most unique and most exciting optional gamble game features.

When playing their range of slots, such as their At the Copa slot or the multi stake After Night Falls slot machine whenever you have spun in a winning combination then you will get the chance of taking the optional gamble game which is like no other gamble game you will ever have come across before, so do make a point of checking out and playing those two slots to experience the delights of those gamble games.

Tips for Playing Slots with a Gamble Feature

It can be very tempting to continually take the gamble game feature when playing slot machines but keep in mind that you are not going to win every single time you take one of those features, so you could end up losing, and if you do so then that is going to make a dint in your gambling budget.

What you should therefore consider doing, is only choose to gamble the very lowest value winning pay-outs, as that way even if you do lose when taking the gamble feature, you are only going to lose a tiny amount of cash, rather than a much larger amount.

Some slot games also have a gamble game option when you trigger the bonus game, and one slot that does is the Extra Chilli slot game.

That slot will also give you to option of buying a bonus game feature, so if you would prefer to trigger the bonus game instantly, without having to wait to trigger it by spinning in three scatter symbols when playing off the base game, then that is something that you are going to be able to do.

Once triggered you will be awarded with a set of free spins, but then you can opt to take a wheels pinning based gamble game in the hope you get a winning outcome and if you do so then you will be awarded with a much larger number of free spins.

That slot, as you will discover when you read through its help files, is going to see you getting a slightly higher long term expected pay-out percentage when you continually take the feature buy option than you would when you just play the base game.

However, keep in mind they the cost of buying the feature game is going to be a very large multiple of the base game spin, and therefore if you lose several times on the trot when gambling the number of free spins you have just bought, your bankroll will soon be depleted.


It has just been announced by the UK Gambling Commission that slot machine providers and casino operators that are licensed by them will not be allowed to buy a slot machine bonus game feature round, as it has been deemed to be too addictive, and they do not want to risk British online slot players to take those features and risk losing more money than they may have planned to do.

It may also soon become law in the uk that online and mobile slot machines cannot offer UK based players a stake level of more than £2.00 per spin, that way online and mobile slot machines will be operated to the same rules and regulations as the FOBT gaming machines that are found in land based betting shops and amusement arcades across Great Britain.

That proposal has already had a negative effect on the share price of gambling related companies that are based or licensed in the UK.


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