SOS Game – School of Slots YouTube Channel Now Live

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 10, 2020
SOS Game – School of Slots YouTube Channel Now Live January 10, 2020" January 10, 2020 Jacob Atkinson

SOS Game Youtube ChannelThe team here at SOS Game have been very busy over the last few months, for they have been putting together a huge list of the best and most successful slot playing tips, strategies and systems and putting each of them to the test.

Whilst all slot machines are random, there are and have always been some unique ways of playing certain slots, in the hope that by using one system players can achieve a slightly or even much better chance of winning big.

Well, having tried literally hundreds of such systems and strategies, we have finally found the ones which do have some merit, and have been putting them to the test, whilst also filming ourselves doing so.

You can now tune into the SOS Game slot channel and watch us putting those slot playing systems and strategies to the test, and see how we got on, and it does have to be said there were quite a number of them that did have some surprising results.

We will be uploading those videos to our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to it and also enable notifications, as that way you will be instantly notified whenever there is a new video waiting to be watched and they will certainly be worth watching if you are an avid slot player.

Can Slot Machines be Beaten?

As for whether slot machines can be beaten, well I am sure that if you have ever played one and it swallowed up your money at a lightning speed of knots, you may have felt like taking a hammer to that slot and beating it with said hammer.

However, its fair and very true to say that over their lifetime most slot players are going to end up losing when playing, however it is the journey a player goes on during their slot playing career that makes playing slot machines exciting, and over the short term can be very profitable too.

As long as you do always keep in mind the back of your mind the fact that winning a life changing multi-million dollar jackpot when for example in Vegas is extremely rare and something only a tiny percentage of players ever do, and play slot machines responsibly and for stake levels you can afford, then you will have plenty of thills and spills, and lots of your slot playing sessions could turn out to be winning ones.,

There are however, some players who adopt some very strict gambling systems, when playing slot ,machines and do tend to have much more luck when adopting them and putting those systems into place, and that may be something you are planning on doing yourself, but as with any gambling system, you have to be prepared for the losing session as well as the winning ones too.

Test Any Slot Games for Free

Please do ensure you take a good look around our website, for our range of free play demo mode slot machines grows higher in number each month, and there are certainly going to be plenty of slot machines that you will enjoy playing on that section of the website.

It is worth me also pointing out, that the free play demo mode versions of each slot available on this website do play and pay in the exact same way as the real money versions of those slots, so you will find the same RTP’s and the same variance attached to each of them whether playing for real or playing for free, the only difference is you will be using demo mode credits as opposed to real money credits when playing for free.

Should you wish to play for real money, then do keep in mind we have plenty of features and fully approved casino sites and casino apps reviewed throughout this site, and there are some high valued welcome sign up bonuses being offered by each of them too.

Just make a point of checking out the terms and conditions associated with any bonuses you do make use of, for by doing so you will realise just how fair and generous those sign up bonuses are, plus there will be plenty of ongoing promotional offers flowing your way when you sign up to any of our featured casinos too.


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