Oculus Rift Slot Games and Slot Apps to Play for Free or Real

Gaming devices have certainly got more and more advanced over the years, and the Oculus Rift headset offers game players a headset on which when playing any type of game, you are going to have a completely enveloping gaming experience.

What some of you out there may be wondering though, is whether it is possible to play slot games and slot machines on an Oculus Rift compatible device, and the simple answer to that question is yes of course you can and this guide is going to enlighten you on just which slots you should be playing.

To ensure that you get plenty of spins from your bankroll, when playing for real money, you should of course be seeking out and playing those slot games on which there is a high pay-out percentage, and you will of course need to locate a slot games offering you the type of variance you are looking for too.

With all of that in mind, please do set aside the time to read through this following guide, for by doing so you are very quickly going to discover just which are the very best and most playable Oculus Rift slot games and where to play them all.

Play Free Slots Or Real Money Games At These Top Apps For Oculus Rift Users

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1Wild CasinoRead Review

100% up to $5000

Claim Bonus(T&C apply. 18+)
2SuperSlotsRead Review

300% up to $2000

Claim Bonus(T&C apply. 18+)
3Slots.lvRead Review

200% up to $1000

Claim Bonus(T&C apply. 18+)
4Drake CasinoRead Review

up to $6000

Claim Bonus(T&C apply. 18+)
5SportsandCasino.comRead Review

300% up to $500

Claim Bonus(T&C apply. 18+)
6BetOnline CasinoRead Review

100% up to $3000

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7Sloto’Cash CasinoRead Review

200% up to $2000

Claim Bonus(T&C apply. 18+)

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Best Oculus Rift Slots

When it comes to playing Oculus Rift slot games, I just know you are going to have a fun time when you set about playing any of the five following slot games, for these are the slots that players do make a beeline to play and are packed full of bonus games too.

Keep in mind that you will be given the option of playing any of the best Oculus Rift slot games for free, and you will also be able to get stuck into playing them for real money, but always do set yourself a budget and stuck to it when playing for real money.

As these slot games may be so unique that you haven’t come across their bonus games or bonus features before, then do make sure you look at the pay tables and any additional help files for a full overview of how they all play and pay too.

Extra Chilli

It will be the Chilli symbols that you will want to see spinning in when playing the Extra Chilli slot, for they could mark the arrival of a huge bonus game winning pay-out. This slot is however a high variance one, so you are bound to have a roller coaster ride when playing it!

The top for playing such slots however is to always set the stake levels that will ensure at the very least that you get plenty of spins from your bankroll, as that way you could trigger a potentially high paying bonus game on any of those spins.

Temple of Nudges

You could be drawn towards playing slot machines that boast an Egypt type of theme, for it is true and very fair to say that many slot players do enjoy playing such slots, and if so then allow me to introduce to you the Temple of Nudges slot.

Obviously the one main bonus feature that you will be hoping to trigger when playing that slot game is the set of nudges, which could allow you to nudge into position a huge paying winning combination, so do give it your best shot!


It may not have been around for very long, but as soon as the Sabaton slot game got launched, it was an instant hit with slot players all over the world, and in no small part its popularity is down to its unique them and reel symbol animations.

Being a slot that all players can afford to play thanks to its multi denomination settings, do make sure you track this slot game down and give it a whirl for there is a very good chance you will want to play it more and more once you do start to spins it reels!

Pirates Plenty


Another fully themed slot game, and one you are bound to love playing it the quite long-winded named Pirate Plenty the Sunken Treasure, the name of that slot does of course give you a full overview of the theme of the slot.

As for what makes it unique other than just its Pirates them, well there are special reel symbols including wild symbols, and a bonus game that with some luck in playing could award you with a very large winning pay-out, but it is still possible to win big even when playing off a base game spin too.

Wolf Legend Megaways

You may never have played Megaways slot games before, and if not then it is certainly about time you got stuck into playing some of the,, for they offer literally thousands of ways of forming winning combinations and that is how those types of slots do tend to award massive amounts of cash to some lucky players.

The Wolf Legend Megaways slot is one of the most played and most popular Megaways slots that you are going to come across but do not think it is going to be an overly expensive slot to play, for the way it has been designed is such that you only have to put into play a small increment of coins to have the Megaways playing structure and format in play.

Free Oculus Rift Slots Apps

You should always take a step back and do plenty of research if and when you are good and ready to start hunting around of a free Oculus Rift compatible slot or casino app to download, for there are quite a number of them that you can make use of but not all of them will be offering you the same collection of slots.

Therefore, what you should be doing is putting together your own wish list, regarding the types and categories of slot machines that you do fancy playing on with such a device, and then looking around for an app that has such slots available.

Whilst there will be plenty of pay to use Oculus Rift slot game and casino apps, those that are free to use can be just as technically advanced, so do not be under any impression that when playing for free you are going to only have access to a small range of slots or slots that will not be too exciting to play, as that will not be the case!

Best Oculus Rift Slots on iTunes and Google Play

I shall now be looking at just which slot machines get the most attention and play time from slot players, and just which ones you should be checking out yourself on sites such as Google Play or iTunes, and the following slots come packed with their own unique features.

What slot players do tend to always look out for when they want to have the maximum fun and entertainment when playing slot machines, is to track down the slots offering plenty of unique bonus games and bonus features.

Plus, those slot machines which have a much higher long term expected pay-out percentage, are going to be the very best ones that you should be playing, much more so when you set about playing for real money, as you will get more play time when playing such slots!

Double U Slots

One slot app that I have played on many times before and one that has always ensured I have had plenty of roller coaster slot playing session is the Double U Slots App, which is completely free of charge to download and use and one that comes highly recommended too.

You are going to be able to find the exact type of slot machines that tickles your fancy when using that slot app, and there are plenty of low, medium and high variance slots available upon the app too, which is good to know and ensures you will have the exact type of slot playing experience you are seeking too.

Panda Best Slots

When you are looking to play some of the much higher variance slot games, and those that can deliver quite out of the blue every now and then a huge valued winning pay-out it will often be the Oriental themed slot machines you should be tracking down and playing.

In fact, what I would suggest you do if those are the exact types of slot you are very eager to play any time soon is to download the Panda Best Slots app, for those are the types of slot game you will find available via that app!

Willy Wonka Slots

You will probably have read the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book as a kid, and one of the main characters of that book was of course Willy Wonka the factory owner, and there have been plenty of different slot machines designed and themed around that story.

If you want to take a step back in time and relive the enjoyment of that story then I would urge you to get stuck into playing via the Willy Wonka Slots App, for the slots on offer within that app have been designed to give players the maximum fun and entertainment.

All Vegas Slots

You just never know which slot games and which slot machines are going to pay out, and that does add an extra level of excitement to your slot playing experience, for it is always possible you may start playing one slot machine and win big when playing it too.

The All Vegas Slots App is one that has been designed in such a way that you can take a good long look through the many different categories and types of slot machines available and then play them instantly, and many of them do offer life changing jackpots too!

Cash Frenzy Slots

One other slot app that is hugely popular and one that I would encourage you download and make use of is the Cash Frenzy Slots app, for some of the most advanced video slot games are available upon it and you will have a complete ball playing each of those slot games too.

Thanks to the design of those slot machines you will find some e amazing sound effects and stunning graphics in play on each of them that will ensure you have what I would best describe as a fully rounded slot playing experience.

Free Offline Oculus Rift Slot Apps

It is usually after playing slot machines offline and in a land based casino venue that most players will then start looking for different ways to play their favourite slot games and slot machines, and you may be looking to play some Oculus Rift slot games right now but in a  free play version of each game.

If so, then you will be pleased to learn that there are going to be no shortage of different apps that you can download and make full use of all of which will allow you to play to your hearts content the slot game you love playing the most but in a no risk and free play mode.

Below you are going to find three slot apps on which you will find plenty of offline and land based slot machines all accessible to you right now from the comfort of your own home, so do try and give any of them a try if you want to play slot games you will find instantly recognisable.

Slots Mania

A huge number of slot players have downloaded and installed the Slots Mania app, and it is one that I would urge you to try out, for as every single slot game available upon it is unique and available to play for free you can have hours of no cost slot playing session when using it.

That app is also one that does have plenty of new slot games going live on it too, so if you are ever eager to play a range of slot machines and slot games that you have never come across before then make sur you give it a try and give it a try sooner rather than later too!

Lucky Prince Slots

I just know that as soon as you start playing the many different slot games on the Lucky Prince Slots app, you are going to find it very hard to stop playing them, for they are some of the most technically advanced and enjoyable slots to play.

Whilst the free play mode is one way of accessing those slots and giving them all a test drive will be easy, keep in mind that there will also be the opportunity of playing them for real money too, so it will always be your decision whether to play them for real money or for no risk what so ever.

Lotsa Slots

There is another slot app that you really ought to take a look at, much more so if you are seeking out a very diverse range of different slot games, all of which you will always be able to play them for free and at no risk what so ever.

That app is the Lotsa Slots app, and when using it do make sure that you look at the slot game option settings, as each slot is fully configurable and that means you are going to have a fully tailored slot playing experience and one you will certainly enjoy too!

Free Oculus Rift Slots with Bonus Rounds

Personally, I do enjoy playing slot games on which bonus games and bonus features are going to trigger and be awarded dot me at some point in time, and they may just be the types of slots that you are looking to play too.

If so then what I am now going to move onto doing is to introduce you to the top five free play Oculus Rift slot games all of which have some form of bonus game that could be triggered and awarded to you when playing them.

Always keep in mind too that when a bonus game is awarded to you when playing moist slot games, and certainly when playing any of the following slot machines, the potential winning pay-outs format those bonus games can be much higher in value than anything you could ever win via the base game of those slot machines!

Reel ’Em In

The Reel ‘Em In slot game has a fun to play off bonus game and is a slot on which you will play a fishing based pick and win type of bonus game once it has been triggered, and there is always the chance you could in big from that bonus game or could trigger it multiple times on a single slot playing session too!


The high variance design and structure of the Egyptian themed Sphinx slot is one that does to be perfectly honest, appeal to a very high number of slot players, just be aware that being a high variance slot it may take some time to trigger is potentially huge paying bonus feature round so take that into account when choosing a stake levels at which to play it for!

The Wizard of Oz

Multiple different bonus game and bonus features can be triggered when you play the Wizard of Oz slot machine, and as such if you are looking or a very exciting slot playing session then this slot should be at the top of your list of Oculus Rift slot games to play.


The popular board game of Monopoly has of course been the theme of many a slot machine over the decades, and when playing the original Monopoly slot that you could have plenty of fun playing thanks to its regularly triggered bonus board game and its additional bonus features too.

Deal or No Deal

One final slot machine that you really should find some time to play if you are seeking out a slot with a very evicting type o bonus game is the Deal or No Deal slot, on which you have to pick out the cases to open and then decide whether to accept the Bankers offer or not!

Free Oculus Rift Slot Games

You may be wondering why people want to play free Oculus Rift slot games when there is no chance whatsoever of you winning any real cash when doing so.

Well, the one main reason why many players do set about playing such slot games for free is to allow them to play lot of them and then work out for themselves just which of the ones they have played at no risk will be worth playing at a later date for real money, which is something you may fancy doing right now.

In fact, some casino and slot sites will offer their slot players no risk free to enter slot tournaments for example on which real money cash prizes are up for grabs, so do be on the lockout for those types of slot playing competitions!

Best Oculus Rift Slot Apps and Games to Play for Free or Real Money

It is up to you just when and where you do play Oculus Rift slot games, but what I would advise you to do is to take a good look through each of our in-depth casino site and casino app reviews, for you are going to find the very best casino sites and slot apps listed and fully reviewed upon this site.

We make a very careful point of only ever reviewing and showcasing to each of our website visitors those sites and apps that have been granted a full and valid gambling license, as by us doing so us and you have the complete peace of mind in knowing you will be playing fair and random slot games as sites and on apps that you can trust.

When playing for real money at any of our featured slot apps, you will also find  range of generous promotional offers that you are more than welcome to make use of and claim, and they do come with a very fair and liberal set of terms and conditions too.

As each featured app also have a huge range of different slot games available upon it, and also has plenty of brand new slot games and slot machines going live each month, then there is no doubt you are always going to find  plenty of fun and exciting slot games to play,

But do also keep in mind that at any point in time you are always going to have full access to each slot game available upon those apps as free play no risk slots, and those free play slots do play and pay in the same way as the real money slots with the only difference being you will be winning and playing with demo mode credits and not real money credits!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Oculus Rift Slots Are There?

It will certainly take you quite some time to count just how many Oculus Rift compatible slot games are now available, for all slot game designers and developers have made a very concerted effort to ensure they have a huge range of them available to players.

However, do keep in mind it will be at which site or app that you choose to play such slot games at that will determine whether you are going to have access to a huge and ever growing range of them, so do pick out where you play very carefully!

Who Can Play Oculus Rift Slots?

As long as you are over the legal age to gamble in the country in which you reside then you are going to be able to play any of the many different types and categories of Oculus Rift slots for real money or you can of course sample the delights of playing them for free.

But do always make sure that you can deposit and then play real money slots in your own home currency where you do choose to play as that way you are not going to be forced to have to pay currency conversion costs when turning your home currency into another one when making a deposit and when cashing out your s Oculus Rift slot game winnings too!

How High Are Oculus Rift Slots RTP’s?

The one thing that I do need to draw your attention to is that there can be and is a lot of differences regarding the long term expected pay-out percentages that designed build their Oculus Rift slot game to play and pay out to.

As such what you should be looking or are those slot games and slot machines on which there is a minimum pay-out percentage of 96%, however the higher the pay-out percentage the better so do look out for those offering a much higher RTP than just 96% and there will certainly be plenty of them available to you.

Can I Adjust the Stakes on Oculus Rift Slots?

Every slot player is of course going to have their own gambling budget and slot playing bankroll, and therefore all Oculus Rift slot game and slot machine designers have made their slot games to be fully adjustable regarding the coin values and stake levels players can play them for.

If you want to play for very low stake amounts then simply set the coin value settings down to pennies or cents, but of you are a high rolling Oculus Rift slot player then you can set the coin values to some very high amounts and play for some extremely high stakes if that is what you are looking to do.

When is the Best Time to Play Oculus Rift Slots?

There is no telling when a slot machine is going to pay out their jackpots or a series of high valued winning pay-outs, for at the end of the day they have all been designed to be completely random games of chance, so you could win at any time of the day or night.

As the long term expected pay-out percentages on all Oculus Rift slot games available at our featured casino sites and slot and casino apps are set in stone over the long term you will find that they do not increase at any time and are never lowered at any time.

How Many Bonus Games Do Oculus Rift Slots Have?

The bonus games and bonus features that can and will eventually be triggered on all bonus game awarding Oculus Rift slot games are going to be very wide and varied, and with that in mind do look out for those slot games that offer some form of bonus game that you do enjoy triggering.

You will find that there will be free spins warding slots, pick and win and pick and match bonus game awarding slots of every category and some slot machines offer wild reels bonus features and wheel spinning bonus games and bonus rounds too!

Are the Graphics Good on Oculus Rift Slots?

It is of course the graphics that are the best aspect of playing Oculus Rift slot games, for you are going to find the best type of graphics and animations are available on those slots, and the sound effects are not that bad either, but do try and play several different slots as you will find plenty of them you will always enjoy playing time and time again.

How Stable are Oculus Rift Slots?

Some slot machines can be slow and lag when you set about playing them over any type of internet connection, however that is something hat you are never going to experience when playing any of the new generation of Oculus Rift slot games.

If however for any reason your internet connection does go down when you are playing such slots, then when you reconnect to the internet the slot games will continue to play off from the exact point in time that you last finished playing them, which is always good to know if for example your connection went down half way through a bonus game or bonus round!

Do Oculus Rift Slots Have Progressive Jackpots?

There will be several Oculus Rift slot games that are always going to give you the chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot, in fact some such slots will have several different valued progressive jackpots on offer which could be awarded to you on any spin.

The random jackpot Oculus Rift slot games however do seem to get more play time from slot players, for you can often play those slot games for any stake amount and still have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning a progressive jackpot!

Is There an Age Limit to Play Oculus Rift Slots?

There will always be some legal restrictions in place when playing any type of slot machines in a real money playing environment, and you will always have to be the legal age to gamble in your own home country of residence to be able to access and play real money Oculus Rift compatible slot machines.

All slot sites and slot apps will also be required by law to verify your identity, age and address too when you sign up and play at those sites or on those apps, so do not be too surprised to be asked to send into them copies of your identification documents.


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