Break da Bank Again Re-Spin Slot Strategy

Author By Jacob Atkinson  Jan 5, 2020
Break da Bank Again Re-Spin Slot Strategy January 5, 2020" January 5, 2020 Jacob Atkinson

Screenshot of Break Da Bank Again Respin slot from MicrogamingOne type of slot machine that you will find exclusively on offer to you when playing at any real money slots sites that have chosen to have the range of slots from Microgaming on offer are single re-spin slots.

Now, when you set about playing those slot machines, you are going to be able to play them in the normal and standard way, that is by picking out a stake level to play them for and then spinning all five reels in the help that any of your activated pay-lines see a winning combination spinning in on them, or that you trigger their respective bonus games and/or bonus features instead.

However, those single reel respin slot machines will also give you the option of spinning just one single reel instead of all five of them.

The stake you are going to have to wager to get to spin that one single reel is going to be ultimately determined by the chance you then have off forming a winning combination when that one reel is then spin and comes to a complete stop.

That stake per single reel spin could be a tiny one, if for example you have very little or even no chance of forming a winning combination, or could be a high stake spin if there is a reasonable or even a very good chance of you then forming a winning combination.

When to Take the Single Re-Spin Option

If you choose to play the Break da Bank Again Re-spin slot machine online, then you will discover that it has just nine pay-lines on offer, and the cost of spinning just one reel instead of all five of them is going to be displayed underneath each reel.

The button you will need to click on to spin any one single reel is also located underneath each of the five video reels too.

One way that slot players tend to play that slot is by playing it as a standard five-reel slot, until such a time that they spin in one of the scatter symbols, which for reference are the Vault symbols.

Those symbols are going to trigger a set of free spins when you get at the very least three of them in view in any position on the reels.

When one of those symbols has been spun in then players will choose one of the other reels that doesn’t have a scatter symbols in view on it, that being the one with the lowest stake per single reel re-spin and keep on spinning just that one single reel until they have spun in another scatter symbol.

They will then finally pick out one final reel to re-spin, once again the one with the lowest stake per re-spin attached to them and then keep in spinning that reel until the third required scatter symbols to trigger the set of free spins has then been spun into view thus triggering the free spins bonus game.


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