Listing of Slots with an Auto Play Setting

What an auto play option setting is going to allow slot players to do is to configure a slot machine to play itself. You will of course need to ensure that the settings you do choose allow you to be playing for stake levels you can afford though!

As such if you do fancy sitting back and watching a slot game play itself or wish to wander off for example whilst a slot game is churning through the play through requirements for example on any bonus you have claimed by you making use of the auto play feature, make sure that you first configure the settings to those you want to have in play.

That will see you first setting the number of pay-lines you want to have in play for example on optional pay-line slots and then coin values and number of coins you want to have in play too.

Then all that you will need to do is to choose just how many spins you want the slot game to play off via the auto play setting, and sometimes those auto play settings will let you configure the slot to stop playing off spins automatically if you win big or even trigger a bonus game.

You now know much more about the benefits of playing slot machines which do come with an auto play setting, and as you can see below I have put together a very long list of each of the online and mobile slots that you can set to play themselves automatically, and can then sit back and watch them play off each spin.

Free Slots with Auto Play

Jacob Atkinson

Hi, I am the Chief Editor of, this site is dedicated my love of slot games. Slot machines have been around for a while, with now being converted to an online audience. So I have decided to put them all in a place where you can hopefully enjoy them as much as I do.

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