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SOS: Vets vs Threats
Where 200 of the world's top performers will compete for fame and fortune on La Cuna Island.
Join us the weekend of December 9th for two days of scheming, strategizing, shooting, backstabbing, frontstabbing, and for a lucky few, surviving.

In the end, two contestants will be crowned champions for all the world to see.
We’ve already sent 100 invitations but we’re looking for 100 more. If you think you’ve got the guts, guile, and questionable moral compass to compete, submit your audition tape below.

For the rest - enjoy the show and influence the action at

your audition

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Auditions open

We are on the hunt for the most entertaining personalities.

Audition today for your shot at fame and fortune.

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Thanks to our Sponsor
Great audio is essential for all online video performances. And this is especially true in SOS. Make sure whenever you play SOS, you give yourself the best chance at survival with a quality microphone, like those from Blue Microphones.
To support our event, Blue will be awarding the top 3 SOS: Vets vs Threats finishers on both fame and survival leaderboards with a Yeti Mic & Lola Headphones.

All qualifying participants in Vets vs Threats will receive a deep discount on all Blue Products.

Invited contestants

What is SOS: Vets vs Threats?
SOS: Vets vs Threats is an online event that will take place December 9th & 10th. It will feature the most charismatic and crafty personalities for two not to be missed days of friendship and betrayal.

Who gets to participate?

We have already hand picked 100 well known individuals to participate - the veterans. The 100 threats will be chosen through a rigorous audition process, where applicants will have to demonstrate their allure to our panel of judges for the chance to compete.

Can I play SOS without being a part of Vets vs Threats?

Yes! Head over to and register for our Closed Beta for a chance to play.
What qualities are you hoping to find in qualified applicants during the audition process?

First and foremost - we’re looking for contestants with clear audio. The ability to coherently communicate with other players is essential in SOS, so make sure you have a quality mic, such as those from our event sponsor Blue Mic.

Aside from that, we’re just looking for people who want to put on a good show! This can be through role play, or simply by being your bubbly self. Check out our audition page for more information.

Where can I watch the SOS:Vets vs Threats?

We’re encouraging all participants to stream their performances live. You can find SOS streams and influence the game via voting and feedback at

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