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There’s been some confusion around our player policies in SOS. Outpost takes moderation extremely seriously - thousands of player reports are filed each week, and each is manually reviewed at an average of 6 minutes from filing.  

Out of those reports, fewer than 3% result in warnings, and only 1.2% in 1-day bans.  Seven day and perma bans are far more rare.

To clarify our stance on appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the game, we’ve decided to share this absolutely true and definitely not made up chat log with one of our players.

Some background: Steve bought SOS and he loves it. However, Steve is concerned. He read some stuff online, and he now wonders if he won’t get banned or suspended for “some bullshit reason” (Steve’s words, not ours).  Let’s take a look:

Hi Steve! Welcome to Outpost! How can we help you?


So, we’ve heard you had some concerns about SOS and its community. Tell us a bit more about this.

I see tons of crazy shit being posted online about how SOS treats its community. Outpost is not responding to any of it. Does it mean it’s all true?

Ha. No.

Okay well, what about KOS and killing streamers? Are we gonna get banned for that? Because people say that you guys ban anyone who kills streamers.

No we don’t ban players for killing players or streamers. Killing other players is a part of the SOS experience.

Like, you’ve never done that? Banned players for killing?


Good, cause I like killing other players.

Do your thing, man.

I’m not sure I believe you.

Believe it. I mean, there’s guns in the game for a reason.

Okay... but what about calling people names? Sometimes I get into it, you know?  I get on a hot streak, my hands are sweaty, and then BOOM I get the asshole and I can’t control what I say. Will I get banned for that?

That all depends on what you’re saying and if you get reported for it. We don’t actively surveil our servers. We rely on our community to report bad behavior based on our Code of Conduct. So if you say something that’s against our rules and you get reported for it, we’ll take action against you and you may get suspended.  Note the italics there.  That adds emphasis.  We say may because it depends on what the violation is.  We want people playing, so it’s not like suspending players is something we want to do.

Wait. What’s that Code of Conduct thing? First time I’ve heard about it.

It’s like the first thing you see when you play the game, dude. It’s also online. Here, take a second and read it.  It’s not long.

Alright, hold on.

….You done?

Not Yet. Geez.


So what do you mean by “hate speech”? Like...what if you pissed me off, then I can call you names, right? You deserved it at that point! Plus, you were totally cheating.

A good rule is: As long as you don’t actively harass people because of who they are in real life, you should be fine. But if we receive multiple reports (with video evidence) that you’ve been harassing people for their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. That won’t fly. SOS is a community oriented game, and no community can prosper if we allow people to attack each other for who they are.

Ha! So you do protect streamers!  I can use italics too!

Huh?! What? No, they are subject to the same guidelines as anyone else. But before we implemented our video evidence feature, it was easier for them to report other players since everything was caught on their video.  Now that we’ve been experimenting with video reports, it’s better.

What do you mean video evidence?

It’s cool! We buffer capture all our games, and when someone reports you, it sends us a clip of the last 20 second of their game.  

Wait what? You can see what I do in a game?

Yeah, if you get reported.  It’s better for everybody because then it’s not one person’s word against another.  We want everyone protected.  I’ll be honest, we still have ways to go before the technology is perfectly implemented. But we believe it is super important to make sure the rules we enforce are being enforced fairly.

Okay... but what about this “harassment” shit? I don’t even know what that means anymore!

You’re right, it could be made more clear what we mean by it. We are about to introduce a better version of our reporting system which will call out exactly what we mean when we say harassment.

Care to share that now?

Harassment is:

Offensive or abusive comments about other Contestants, threats of real-world violence, sexual advances, choosing to attack a Contestant based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, etc.

Harassment is not:

Killing on sight, betraying another Contestant, threats of actions limited to the game world.

I think I get it. What about “hate speech?”

Hate Speech is:

Any use of derogatory language in reference to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Including, but not limited to, threats or slurs directed towards specific groups of people.

Hate Speech is not:

Using general swear words.

Oh cool so I CAN swear! Shit! Fucker! Asshole! Dickhead! Pissdonkey! Buttmunch! Scrote! Tosser! Choad! Prick!



Can I say faggot?

No. Never.

Nah I’m kidding.  You guys seem cool.

Thanks. You too.

I want more stuff in the game.

Yeah we know.  We’re on it.

Okay, well go back to work then!

Okay. Thanks Steve. See you in the game.

Yeah. Better give me more weapons soon.

I said we’re on it.

K bye.