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The Storm Is Here - Content Update 2



Progress. It’s how we know we’re getting better. At Outpost, we’ve been working on making progress by expanding SOS and pushing the game to surpass the expectations of ourselves and our players. However, for those same players, the sense of progress has been largely limited to climbing the leaderboards and working on improving your rating.

Starting in Content Update 2, we’re adding an Experience system to SOS. Players will be able to earn XP and level up their accounts based on completing certain actions in their SOS matches. Actions like killing a Small Hupia, picking up a Mushroom, and using a Medkit earn you relatively small amounts of XP, whereas actions such as signaling the Helicopter or helping a teammate escape will pull in a far heftier reward.

You’ll also be rewarded for forming alliances with other Contestants (up to a certain point). You will receive bonus experience for each person you team with until you reach a team of four. After that, it scales back down with each extra team member you add, so watch your team size if you want to receive the greatest rewards. You’ll earn XP whether or not you complete the match, but the opportunities to earn the greatest XP will happen towards the end of a match, so it’s often in your best interest to stick around.

We are going to be progressively (heh) rolling out the pieces of this system as we continue to work on SOS. Currently, progression and leveling is its own reward, but we will be steadily introducing more tangible rewards in the coming months. Stay tuned for future updates when we dive into in-game rewards.


Related to this sense of long-term progression that we are adding to the game are the new Achievements. We’ve added some early Steam Achievements to SOS with many more to come in future releases. Below is the current list of Achievements hitting as part of Content Update 2:


While La Cuna Island has often been a  perfect storm of uneasy alliances and unexpected victories, we’ve never meant the storm part quite so literally before. A thick fog covers the island obscuring vision while rolling thunder crackles in the distance. The rainslick shores of La Cuna make tracking more difficult and stealthy extractions more viable.

Storm State is randomized and is not tied to Day or Night Mode. You will be able to toggle Storm State on and off in your Custom Match settings, so now you can flip things to a dark and stormy night and host your own murder mystery.


You might be throwing a murder mystery party on La Cuna, but you know who won’t be invited? Ghosts. With Content Update 2, we have altered how spectating works to put a stop to ghosting exploits with the defibrillator. Now, upon death, players will have to select whether they will spectate the match or wait for revival. If they choose revival, their view will be locked on their dead body, keeping them from acquiring information from across the island before being brought back.



Sometimes you want to get up close and personal to an enemy--sorry, potential extraction partner, but you know a plunger just won’t be able to cut it. It’s in those moments of near panic that you should stop, take a breath, and reach for your handy Gialdini before leveling the competition.

The Gialdini is a sawed-off, double barrel shotgun with immense stopping power. It functions best at close range, firing 10 pellets that quickly drop off in effectiveness at longer distances. The chamber can only hold two rounds at a time and the reload speed is the longest in the game, so make sure you hold out long enough to make every shot count.


The Donkey Leg offers a new high-impact approach to ranged encounters. This new rifle allows you to gift your adversaries the feeling of getting kicked in the head by a stubborn mule while remaining at a healthy distance from retaliation.

The Donkey Leg is a lever action reload with only five shots in the chamber, so make sure you have your quarry in your sights before firing off a round. This may not be the highest damage weapon in the game, but it offers more precision for long-ranged combat than La Cuna Island has yet seen.


This brand-spanking new gear offers a whole new defensive option for approaching opposing teams and making sure you make it onto the helicopter at extraction. Stashed throughout La Cuna Island, these new defensive items can give your team the extra edge it might need to take out that larger group camping the extraction site.

Each of these pieces of armor can be equipped individually and reduce damage until they are eventually destroyed. You can monitor your armor’s durability through the icon in the bottom corner of your game screen. Helmets nullify headshot bonuses and reduce damage to the head until they are destroyed. Body Armor reduces damage to the torso until it is destroyed.


Look up sometime. It just might save your life.



Bug Fixes

In addition to all this new content, there’s also a number of bug fixes that come along with Content Update 2