SOS: Battle Royale | SOS Launch Week Update

SOS Launch Week Update


It’s been a long road, but SOS has finally made it into Steam Early Access, and while we at Outpost are incredibly proud of what we delivered, we know the journey is just beginning in making sure SOS truly is the ultimate escape.

We intend to release patches on a semi-weekly basis with new content, bug fixes, balance tweaks, and quality of life improvements. This is in addition to larger Content Updates that we hope to deliver on a monthly basis. Join us Friday afternoon on Hero as we sit down and discuss what’s coming to SOS over the next month and beyond.

With all that said, what’s new in this week’s Patch?

Unchecked Aggression

In SOS, your actions have consequences. Our badge system draws attention to the patterns of behavior you and your fellow Contestants engage in while on the Island. If you consistently stab your friends in the back, you may find yourself branded a ‘Betrayer.’ If high fives are your primary greeting for new players, you’ll end up seen by other Contestants as ‘Friendly.’

In today’s update, we are introducing two new badges: 'Loyal' and 'Aggressor.' Players who tend to engage in combat with others very early on in matches will slowly be labeled with the 'Aggressor' badge. Players who repeatedly sacrifice their seat on the helicopter for their teammates will gain the ‘Loyal’ badge.

Unstuck on You

During earlier playtests of SOS, we included a command for players to use just in case they got stuck inside part of the level. Unfortunately, upon launching in Early Access, some Contestants used the command as an exploit to bypass certain gates in the environment. We have since removed the unstuck command.

If you do find yourself in the sad predicament of getting stuck somewhere, take a screenshot, submit a bug report, and shake your fist in the air as you curse the ancient gods of La Cuna.

Bug Fixes

This week’s update comes with a number of bug fixes as well.

Thanks to each of you who has joined us so far and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve got brewing over here!