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Curated Custom Games


Greetings Contestants!

With our custom match feature having been implemented into SOS for some time now, we have been working with the community to come up with some great custom modes to share. With a vast assortment of settings that can be tweaked, the possibilities are virtually endless! Here are just a few custom game types that community members have shared with us:

One & Done/Golden Gun (Suggested by UberGuitarDude)

Papaya Dodgeball (Suggested by TheLegendOfSeth)

Fight Club (Suggested by Mizizy)

These are just a few of the things you can do with our custom match tool. Thank you to the community members for taking the time to share their fun game modes.

Do you have a game mode that you believe is a hit? Reach out to us on Discord or Twitter, and maybe your mode will be featured on an upcoming installment!