SOS Outpost Games | Celebrity Spotlight: Sterdekie

Celebrity Spotlight: Sterdekie


Good day, La Cuna!

This week on Celebrity Spotlight we bring you the bad boy of La Cuna Island. Often known as Chad, more formally known as…


As always, we wanted to get to know our featured contestant a bit better, so we asked him some questions. You can see what Sterdekie had to say below.

What’s your name?

Sterling, Sterdekie, Chad

Where are you from?

Mexico City

Tell me about what got you into streaming. How long have you been doing it?

I basically decided that real life sucks and that I had nothing holding me down where I was so I decided to save up some money and just leave. I moved to Mexico with two suitcases, my dog and no plans. Only once I was here did I get the idea to start streaming. I had never spent any time on Twitch and had no idea what I was doing but from the outset I approached it as a job and not a hobby. For the first year I streamed 6 days a week, 15 hours a day. Only over the past year have I gotten soft and cut back to 12 hours day assuming I wake up on time. Overall

I have been streaming just over two years.

What keeps you streaming?

I am lucky to have a amazing community that supports me and my streaming endeavors allowing me to stream fulltime. Not a lot of people get to sit at home all day, play video games, drink beer, eat pizza and hang out with a bunch of awesome people online while calling it their "job". I have honestly never been happier in my adult life and as long as the stream continues work I have no desire to quit.

What do you like to do when you’re not creating content?

Streaming twelve hours a day does not leave much time for other activities but with the free time I do have I usually just spend it with my friend Monica and the Pup.

How long have you been playing SOS?

I think it was back in October when I first got a key.

What was the moment in-game that got you hooked on SOS?

Probably the first time I betrayed a kid in game.

Day mode or Night mode? Why?

Day mode! I feel it is easier to make friends and team up with people. Night mode can be fun but I feel that there is a lot less player interaction in those matches but I do love the hupia hordes at the end of night mode.

If a round of SOS featuring you were a movie, what would it be called?

Bad Chad

Do you role-play as any characters in SOS? What are their names? Describe them.

Yeah I do. My character is Chad...he is real bad. Chad is supposed to be a super friendly and upbeat guys that loves the ladies but also has a "little" bit of a creepy dark side to him.

How would you describe your style of gameplay in SOS?

Unpredictable. SOS is all about player interaction for me so I like to keep people guessing and unsure of what Chad is going to do next. Chad can be super loyal at times but more often than not he is going to put a Wilcox to the back of someones head and give them a "cheeseburger". 

Anything else you want to say? Any shoutouts?

I would just like to thank my community for all of the continued support but I'd also really like to thank the guys over at Outpost Games. You guys have done an amazing job with trying to improve the game as well as build a strong community behind it and I really appreciate that.

See you guys on La Cuna!


Huge thanks to Sterdekie for taking the time out of his super busy streaming schedule to give us some insight on his life and SOS. Please make sure to check out his channel and give him a follow right here:

Until next week, contestants!