SOS Outpost Games | Celebrity Spotlight: KaoticShadow

Celebrity Spotlight: KaoticShadow


Perhaps best known by the name he most often assumes on La Cuna Island, Tiny Nipple Terry, this week’s Celebrity Spotlight is a long-time SOS player and a founder of the LIPD (La Cuna Island Police Department). When you’re running around the island be on the lookout for…


KaoticShadow graciously took the time to talk to us about his history with streaming and the rules and regulations of the LIPD. So, check it out below!

What’s your name?

Most people in the SOS community know me as Tiny Nipple Terry, but I've been KaoticShadow for about 11 years now. Anyone whose known me from stream or gaming usually calls me Kao (K-O) and very few people use my actual name, Marco.

Where are you from?

I'm from over in Quebec, Canada. Somewhere in or around Montreal.
So there's two things you know about me now:
I can speak French, and I know my maple syrup.

Tell me about what got you into streaming. How long have you been doing it?

I've been on Twitch for about 7 years now and have really come to love the platform. I started out back then watching streams and got hooked, I immediately downloaded OBS, got everything set up and started playing League of Legends. I've taken a few breaks but as of a couple years ago, I went to a more consistent 6-7 day a week schedule.

What keeps you streaming?

The people. I've had a few people tell me that they found comfort watching me through hard times in their lives, so with that in mind, if I can make one person's day even a smidge better, it's worth it.

What do you like to do when you’re not creating content?

Plan my vacations, which are really excuses for me to go see some of the best people in my life, given that they don't live near me. I play a lot of tabletop games, my most common one being Magic the Gathering. I obviously game when I'm away from stream too, "offline" gaming can be very relaxing. I'm an avid YouTube watcher, though I mostly watch a lot of Food based videos, shoutout to one of the best channels, Binging With Babish, go check him out! Lastly, I rewatch The Office pretty frequently, but I do currently prefer anime to television and find myself watching at least a few episodes a day.

How long have you been playing SOS?

I've been playing SOS since the absolute minute it went live for the first alpha, which I believe was back in June of last year?

What was the moment in-game that got you hooked on SOS?

I played a lot of competitive games and was starting to rage because I sucked, so I decided to RP as a character who didn't care about winning, Tiny Nipple Terry. In one game, I met Sattelizer and we high fived. He learned all about Tiny Nipple Terry, and I died protecting him from the relic monster while he healed (seriously, I was bad, it was maybe my 8th game playing), I dodged the match and about 8-10 minutes later, I received a message in my chat saying "Dude, Satt really liked playing with you" and then one of my friends posted a clip of him singing my praise, saying that he did it for Terry and his Tiny Nipple, as he made his way to the helicopter and extracted.

That game got me hooked. I wanted more. I NEEDED more. As such, I played the rest of that Alpha as Tiny Nipple Terry and the legend grew. Suddenly I was #3 fame, standing alongside Ohmwrecker and Sattelizer, two people I thoroughly enjoyed playing with that whole weekend. The support they gave me, as well as the support from their communities really just made it all so surreal, I didn't care about how famous they were, Terry just wanted his friends to get off the island safely.

Day mode or Night mode? Why?

Honestly, it’s a 70-30 split for me in favor of Day mode.

I love both game modes. As someone who plays multiplayer games for the competition and social interaction, I find that it's way easier to be more social in general during the Day mode. Not to say that I don't enjoy maniacally cackling while I throw skulls from the bushes, eliminating someone from a team and then assuming their position on it. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good round of that?

If a round of SOS featuring you were a movie, what would it be called?

Big Hero Terry. . . either that or LIPD: The Boys Are Back.

Do you role-play as any characters in SOS? What are their names? Describe them.

I role-play quite a bit in SOS actually, but I'll give you guys the two RPs I'm most well known for.

Tiny Nipple Terry (Original Terry): This was the character I first RP'd as that made me enjoy the game. His play style is entirely to protect his team. He always talks in third person, is much better at combat when his teammates' lives are in question, and just wants to make sure they get off the island safely. No matter what, Terry risks his all for those who need help. If you get his attention over the radio, he'll be there, as long as he doesn't have a team. Terry's always got your back. He also never betrays unless you betray (or attempt to betray) or are toxic. Don't mess with Terry's team.

LIPD Officer Tiny Nipple Terry: TimmehThePotato and I came up with the LIPD (Lacuna Island Police Department) randomly one game and then we started going around confiscating relics to see if they were being used to smuggle illegal drugs off the island. If you have illegal weapons, drugs, relics, papayas, we'll find them, and we'll take you to prison or put you down. THE LIPD IS NOT CORRUPT, I PROMISE. The best part is that I make up 10 codes, but they don't make sense and are random every game. I also refer to every vehicle as a KIA Rio. They don't even look like Rios, but it was the first thing I came up with. Terry protects the civilians, his colleagues and his deputies. If you're lucky, you can get deputized for a game, so you can feel what it's like to be part of the LIPD. Definitely make sure that if we yell "LIPD FREEZE!" you just stop, it won't always get you killed or your relic confiscated, but if you resist, we'll resort to lethal force.

Some of my other RP is much more bloodthirsty, say a 14 year old call of duty obsessed child who is hopped up on Mountain Dew and Doritos, or a Night mode psychopathic murderer who befriends those who think he's sane, you know, the usual.

How would you describe your style of gameplay in SOS? 

Varied, depending on the person I'm RPing above. If I'm not RPing and playing as myself, I'm a wildcard, be careful about trusting me!

Anything else you want to say? Any shoutouts?

I've met so many wonderful people and I'm grateful to Outpost for all the memories they've given me with the friends I've made, both on the island and off. My friends list is chalk full of great people. There's OG people like Cayzi, Kwolve and 1Rival, new friends like CivRyan, HolyForce and Timmeh, and people I talk to almost every day like TheLegend0fSeth, DayLady and the lovely Kattali.

It's been one hell of a ride, and I plan on keeping this train rolling.

We want to thank KaoticShadow for taking the time to give us some insight into his rich history of streaming and La Cuna law enforcement. Thanks for keeping the island clean!

Don’t forget to follow KaoticShadow right here. Long live Tiny Nipple Terry!