SOS Outpost Games | Celebrity Spotlight: DaJukeBoxGuy

Celebrity Spotlight: DaJukeBoxGuy


You can hear the music he plays resonating throughout the island. Sometimes it’s sad pop songs, and sometimes it’s crazy Pokemon songs. Legend has it, no one on La Cuna has ever heard his real voice, only perfectly curated audio clips loaded into a soundboard, ready to be triggered at the perfect opportunity. This week’s Celebrity Spotlight is…


We asked DaJukeBoxGuy to put down his soundboard for a few minutes and answer some questions for us. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s your name?

DaJukeBoxGuy, that's all ya need to know ;)

Where are you from?


Tell me about what got you into streaming. How long have you been doing it?

I would usually just show up on other people's streams and have fun, but after a while I had a bunch of requests that I should start streaming, and I thought it always looks like other streamers have a blast when streaming so that's how I started. I've been streaming on and off since 2014.

What keeps you streaming?

The community. As simple as that, nothing is better than the communities formed on Twitch, so much love and support from so many different people all over the world. And, the Joy that it brings to the viewers, when I show up in a stream just messing around, and I see people laughing in chat it just makes my day and makes me happy.

What do you like to do when you’re not creating content?

I have 3 dogs so when I'm not on the computer I'm usually playing with the dogs or working with them on my own agility course.

I also love to watch movies.

How long have you been playing SOS?

Since the Alpha tests.

What was the moment in-game that got you hooked on SOS?

Getting a kill with a knife throw as I jumped off a cliff towards the helicopter.

Day mode or Night mode? Why?

Day mode because I know every single relic monster location + every way and shortcut into that location.

If a round of SOS featuring you were a movie, what would it be called?

The Unpredictable Killer Dolphin

Do you role-play as any characters in SOS? What are their names? Describe them.

I'm a walking Jukebox. A running Dolphin, a Living Meme.

How would you describe your style of gameplay in SOS?

Friends with everyone, except those I kill. :)

As long as I can make people laugh and enjoy their time just a little bit more that's a win in my book, I do not care about escaping at all.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start using soundboards/jukebox mode?

Be original, don't be annoying, don't over do it, don't use racist / sexist soundclips, watch out for the people that kill copycats, nobody likes a wannabe.

Anything else you want to say? Any shoutouts?

I just want to say how much I appreciate the developers and everyone at Outpost Games, very brave/ballsy to come out with a "new" gametype like this that's all about the fun/entertainment aspect.

You have given us a great game/platform to work our magic and just have fun and create entertainment for our viewers.

I've met so many new friends/streamers through SOS!

Shoutout to Zimmiri, Kattali, Kwovelulu crap, still don't know how to say your name, Camdynn, Caseybear aka Cayzi, MorgueZombie, HusterBluster, MizIzy, bubbleguts, momo, Witchcat... list goes on and on. They are all fantastic people and great broadcasters.

So, when you see (or hear) Juke running around the island, don’t forget to say hi. He might have a special song or sound clip just for you. A huge thanks to DaJukeBoxGuy for giving us some great insight on himself and his stream!

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See you next week, Contestants!